Friday, November 13, 2015

Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Journey

How can it be Friday already? 
I'm sure I just did my last PPF post a day or two ago at most. :( 
Since I don't know where the time went there is not much work to show you at all. 
So today I quickly added some words to a journal page I had done a while back . 
 I don't think it's done yet... The area that looks pink was supposed to be a light orange but didn't turn out that way but is more peach than the photo shows. I'll play with it some more. 
My energy levels are very slowly returning.  And I actually felt like drawing last night while I watched TV. So here's a new face sketch in my "Faces" journal. She will definitely get painted soon.
As usual the scan doesn't show the details well. I tried another scan  with some contrast adjustments....
...not much  better...I tried. I have some ideas on how I want to paint her but will wait until I'm a bit more energized. 
The third round of antibiotics seem to be wiping out the infection finally but my blood worked one Monday shows my thyroid levels have bottomed out. (explains the lack of energy) so they have increased the dosage of thyroid meds and will probably increase it again but don't want to do it all at once. Could also be why I wasn't able to fight off the infections better. 
Health  is always a mystery here. 
The nights are getting colder here and the frost heavier. Most of the plants have bit the dust for the year but we still have a couple of hearty souls that haven't given up yet :) 

I'm sure there are still herbs hanging in there but I haven't made it out there to check them out. 
Today's Random Thoughts

Also adding a 
Prayer  For Peace & Strength and Healing of Spirit  for the people of Paris .


  1. When I first saw the first scan, I thought she looked like a Gibson girl. But in the second scan, that was not the case. I love hearts, so those two spreads in your other journal are wonderful.

    We had the first hard freeze here last night. Squiggles slept under the blanket with me, but Bleubeard took up his normal position at my feet. I was actually cold for the first time all year (since April).

    Love the self-cleaning house. Let me know where I can get one, too.

  2. Your ladies are beautiful Here there are still a lot of flowers blooming for so late in the year. Your journal page is gorgeous, and thanks for joining us at AJJ. Look after yourself Sweetie, hugs, Valerie

  3. Wonderful face Carol and the Journal pages are gorgeous as well! Thank you for being with us at Art Journal Journey!
    Take care of you!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  4. Wonderful journal page and your Lady is fabulous! Please share her with us after she is painted. Happy PPF

  5. your portrait is beautiful-she is very elegant looking! Glad you are on the mend . I am on synthroid and know full well how it feels when you're not getting a high enough dose. I was heartsick seeing the news about the killings in Paris. Thankfully all of my family is safe (only two cousins live in the Paris vicinity), but I have been praying for everyone.

  6. you have been creating lovely things.
    drawings, color, photography, enjoying the season.
    sweet november to you.

  7. Lovely face today. I really like it. And I want Santa to bring me a self cleaning house too. Wouldn't that be so nice?

  8. Love the new face! I hope you are feeling better, I think you and CH are in the same boat with antibiotics! He is finally off of his. Love the Dear Santa post, I want a self-cleaning house too. At least all the leaves are vacuumed up and that cuts down on the dust in the house. Hope you are getting the nice rain we are getting today!

  9. Sorry that your health is such a struggle of late but glad you are feeling more energy!! I really like your new sketch and can't wait for the colour version!! Your heart art speaks to me because I agree...and yes please send me a self cleaning house too!! Wishing you better health!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. So sorry about your health. I will light a candle for you. Love your sketches.

  11. Your sketches are so fun and the Minion made me laugh out loud! Good wishes for increasingly good health.

  12. Hope things get better for you Carol. Enjoyed your sketches. Take care of yourself.::sending you healing prayers::