Thursday, November 5, 2015

Paint Party Friday--Art Journal Journey and many others

After many mornings of thick dense fog that chills to the bones we finally had a sunrise...of sorts and then the rains came. And so is the weather of fall. 
 This weeks art is a combination of many challenges that I have fallen way behind in and will never catch up on. 
It started with left over paints smudged and swirled on blank pages..
As I was filling in some of the white spaces with tea and coffee for the 
Falling in love with Journaling Fall challenge # 9 . I realized I had the colors of fall for the Art Journal Journey challenge for November. 

I also have dreams and emotions for documented life that came to life with the doodling ....

 the monster of anger and jealousy on the left with the magical forest on the right. It was a fun spread to doodle as I watched a couple of TV shows. 
 The garden is almost all covered up with cardboard and black plastic ....hoping to get rid of a invasive ground cover that is trying to take it over. 
 Even though the mornings have been wet and chilly the afternoons have been warm and a couple of the day lilies have given a last effort of bloom. :) 


  1. Love your journal pages, thanks so much for linking to us at Art Journal Journey. Your garden look all read for winter. Take care of yourself! Have a great weekend and happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your journal pages are bright and beautiful in color. So perfect for this season.

  3. wonderful autumnal colors on your pages Carol! We are continuing to experience unusually warm weather and so we still have plenty of kale, parsley and even some tomatoes in the garden.

  4. Fantastic pages Carol!
    Thank you very much for joining us at Art Journal Journey!
    Happy weekend

  5. Love your journal pages Carol. They are so vivid and fresh. Happy PPF

  6. Love your journal pages Carol. They are so vivid and fresh. Happy PPF

  7. Carol, I can't believe you have a couple of day lilies... you don't know how that picture lifts my spirits this morning! I think I mentioned this on your other post, but we got almost two inches of rain... we needed it. Enjoy your Saturday!

  8. Loads of emotion in those pages..and in your photos!! Almost a sadness at the end of garden season...the last blooms...You could paint them and call it the last blooms... Love your wise quotes too..take care!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I like the way the green monster and the flowery forest came out of the first painted pages, very clever.

  10. Bright and bold pages are perfect for fall.
    Love the blue bottle tree! I don't think I've seen that in your photos before now...although I have to be honest that I have been a very poor blog follower lately.

  11. Great, expressive and imaginative journal pages! Ulrike

  12. I really like your pages. Great colors. Glad you got a bit of sunshine.

  13. Oh Carol, I really LOVE how your journalpage transformed. And it really shows that you had fun doing it! Love the monster :-) How did you make those swirly lines? Did you print through netting or something? It looks awesome ...

  14. Love your journal page! It is so many colors, but they all work together wonderfully!