Tuesday, November 24, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :) 
Time to share whatever is going on with our friends over at " ALTERED BOOK LOVER"  and with Elizabeth & Bleubeard .
Just so I don't forget...because I often do... 
Here's my photo of my drink this morning. 
My morning coffee beside the Journal that I just finished the cover on. Here's a better shot of the cover. 
I'm not so sure I'm happy with it as is ...will give it a few days to see. 
I really need to get my behind in gear and work on these Christmas projects that I'm way behind on thanks to being ill for so long. But first I had to spend several hours cleaning up the art desk and the shared studio. Now I can breathe in here and maybe get these things done :) 
So I was able to get several pages cut for the Recipe Album I'm trying to make.
This is a major challenge so it will probably not be done for this Christmas. If only I hadn't lost those 6 weeks to illness.
We've had a couple of hard freezes this past week so nothing is left in the gardens. But the mini yellow rose I bring inside for the winter has decided to bloom again :) 

I can't find my Christmas Cactus anywhere so it must have gotten tossed accidentally during the remodel :( 
Well I have much to do around here so I had better get to it. 
Here's some Random Thoughts 



  1. Goodness, Carol, that's a very colorful journal cover. It also looks like you like your coffee as white as I like mine. Maybe it's the lighting, but it looks good to me.

    How incredibly sad about the Christmas cactus. I had one years ago, but it died because I put it outside too soon and lost it, and many more that year. Your roses seem to know they need to make up for it, though. They are really lovely, and they were my grandmother's favorite.

    Thanks for sharing your journal, your roses, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. And have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, too.

  2. Love the journal cover. I am sure it will grow on you! Sorry about your Christmas cactus, but the yellow rose is fantastic, great to see it flowering again. Enjoy your week, your coffee and your art, and stay well Sweetie! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Fabulous journal cover carol-I love the words you used too! How nice to have some beautiful blooming roses to cheer you indoors. The cold has hit us too and as of just yesterday my last geraniums and begonias finally died. We still have a bit of kale and parsley in the garden but everything else is gone. Wishing you a happy T day and a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I really love your journal cover; it is so colorful! Did you know that yellow roses signify friendship? They are really beautiful. All my Christmas cacti are blooming, and I will try to remember to take some photos to share next week.

  5. I'm so impressed with your yellow roses! I had no idea they'd bloom in the winter. Sweet :) Happy T Tuesday.

  6. I noticed today that my Christmas cactus has buds on it. I think the journal cover is lovely but I understand about leaving things sit for a few days to decide how much you really like it. I do that a lot.

  7. this is a great cover of your Journal - i really like the inspirational circle sayings and the Colors!
    as always i love your quotes... do you make These Cards yourself or find them in the web? my fave this week are the "windmills"...

  8. A fantastic Journal cover Carol! Happy belated T-Day to you!
    I am a bit late - wishing you a good rest of the week!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol! In case I don't get another chance... :)

  10. Carol, your journal cover looks great. Looking forward to see your completed recipe journal.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Before next Tuesday rolls around, I need to wish you a Happy Belated T Day. :)

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Good luck on finishing your Christmas projects.