Monday, November 30, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS and Thank You Elizabeth & Bleubeard 
for hosting us every week ♥
Not much art this week ...
just cutting out magazine photos for my 
Wild Things Journal. 
Here's a sampling of what I cut out and I my drink for the day .
Coffee in my favorite winter mug.
I had to force myself to wait until at least after Thanksgiving to start using it :) 
In answer to your question last week Elizabeth, yes I like it very creamy ♥
I normally go to my parents the weekend after Thanksgiving and that's when the family has the big meal. This year I wasn't able to get it off. This is the first Thanksgiving ever I have missed with my parents and it didn't make me happy at all :'( 
On Thanksgiving Day I was able to go to my son's for dinner  and had a fantastic time. So much fun we totally forgot to take pictures. 
So when I wasn't working this weekend I did some crocheting. 

Two Owl Ear Warmer Headbands ♥ 
I love this pattern and see a few more being made this month for gifts. I can make one an evening while listening to the TV. 
I also lost an old friend over the Holiday and it has left me very sad and determined not to miss another Holiday with my family. You just never know how much time you have left. 
Today's Random Thoughts. 


  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Love the owl warmer headbands, I have never seen that beautiful pattern before. Have a great day, take care, and enjoy your coffee. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. touching quotes, and so true as you had to experience over the Holidays. so sad for losing a friend... the headbands are awesome!
    take care and happy t-day!

  3. I am sorry for your loss and you are right - we should never miss to have a good time with family and friends! Your headbands are gorgeous !
    Happy T-Day !
    Great quotes !

  4. Gosh, what sadness! I'm sorry. You have been sad for several reasons. I hope you can see your parents soon. You never know (as you rightly say) how long you will be able to enjoy their company. And I am sorry for the loss of your friend.
    I love those owls. What a great pattern!
    And thank you for the wisdom quotes. I like the one about being a beautiful person. I strive to be one, and here is a quote that puts it into words beautifully. I will print that out and hang it somewhere. Thank you for posting them.
    Have a good T-Day,

  5. Sorry for the loss of your friend. It seems like we never have enough time with those we cherish, and you have the right idea to spend as much time together as possible.

    The owl ear warmers are adorable--I couldn't believe they were crochet--they really look like they were knitted! They will make great gifts!

    As always, I enjoyed the quotes you shared today! Happy T Day!

  6. Your quotes are spot on, we should cherish the times we have with our friends and family. Sorry you missed having the holiday with your parents and for the loss of your friend. Love your ear warmers, they are beautiful. Annette

  7. Love the winter cup.

    Sorry to hear about your friend passing, and your quotes are so right. We only have today and should be thankful for each and every second.

    I adore the ear warmers, I made the GDs some a couple years ago.....nothing are pretty as yours.

    Happy T-day

  8. So sorry you weren't able to have Thanksgiving with your parents but glad you were able to have other family to share it with. Love your crocheted bands!! Sorry also for the loss of a dear friend. Your random thoughts are beautiful reminders. Happy T day!

  9. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. And it's too bad that you were not able to attend your parents' Thanksgiving party. I'm glad you were able to attend you son's party, though.

    Your owl headband ear-warmers look great!!! Whoever receives these gifts from you will be very happy indeed.

  10. I like your quote about saying you "don't have time". I tell people they have the same amount of time as everybody else ;)

    I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. We never know what each day will bring.

  11. what beautiful owl bands..sorry to hear you couldnt have the family meal..I agree its very important to see our family regularly

  12. I love your Winter Cup! I cannot crochet so your Owl head bands are to me - AMAZING! I love the reflective quotes you have chosen this time! Chrisx

  13. Sorry you missed Thanksgiving with your parents and that you lost a friend, too. But your son got to have Thanksgiving with you, so that is a good thing. Your owls are cute! So right--life is short. Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Those crocheted ear warmers are fabulous! Know what you mean about working hubby is in the restaurant business and he worked Thanksgiving too, though a shorter shift than normal. Glad you still got to be with true about cherishing them and enjoying every moment! happy T day dear...

  15. The quotes that you share here are so meaningful. Thank you for posting them. The owl headbands look great. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend.
    Have a good week

  16. So, so sorry about the loss of your dear friend. I think the quotes are quite appropriate, and I certainly love the cute and cheerful mug you shared this week. I hope you never miss Thanksgiving with your family again. At least you had a good time with your son.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely headband, your art, and of course, that cute mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  17. Carol, so sorry about your friend. And you are right, we just never know.
    The owl headbands are the cutest headbands I have ever seen!
    Darling coffee mug.

  18. Hello and Happy T Day! So sorry about your loss, beautiful quotes. How cute the headbands are, great job on them. Sorry you had to miss dinner with your parents. Two of my girls have new jobs and thankfully neither one had to work that day. I know my holidays are numbered now that they are older and working. Wonderful you could be with your son.
    Have a good week and thanks for sharing.