Tuesday, December 22, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday ♥

Hello my Tuesday friends! 
It's Christmas Time for sure here in the country :) I've been streaming Christmas music on Amazon and pulling out all of my Christmas CD's ♥
But mostly I've been wrapping gifts and finishing up those last few cards . 
Just when I think I've made them all I think of one more I want to make :) Here's  what I have done so far...
Which isn't a lot but it takes me much longer to make them this year than ever before so I should have started much sooner on these. 
Yesterday the cats and I wrapped gifts and I think they did a better job than me  :) 
They definitely enjoyed it more. 
Too bad no one was filming us :) 
So  since I"m down to the wire here on getting things done and still have to work today and tomorrow. I had better get busy . 
Today's Random Thoughts..

Friday, December 18, 2015

Paint Party Christmas & Twisted Sister - Silver Bells

It's Friday and it's rapidly approaching "PANIC TIME !" 
So to get all of these last minute projects done it's time for me to PUMP UP the Christmas Music and get busy. 
Here's a song from one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas albums that really gets me moving fast. 

I pop the cd in and turn the volume HIGH and get busy. 
Today I'm finishing the last of the hand painted Christmas cards that go to very special people  :) 
Then I have to finish up the other projects that in various stages of "UN-PROGRESS :/
and we don't even want to talk bout wrapping :( 
But I'm COOL :0) it will always come together somehow .
Today's Random thoughts..

and never forget kindness

Monday, December 14, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's beginning to look a lot like 
Hello my Tuesday Friends
I have finally mustered up a wee bit of the Christmas Spirit and did a small amount of decorating here. 
The big tree is out of reach right now so instead we have a grouping of 3 small trees in an old wood crate. No ornaments :(  I may try to see if I can get to some tomorrow or the next day. 
I did rewire the reindeer and they are outside now  but no picture yet. 
Now I'm frantically trying to finish up the few cards I want to get in the mail this week .
Here are a couple of WIP's along with my big cup of coffee. 
I finished one today...
I think I am done shopping. I need to take an inventory to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone. Christmas is going to be here before we know it and I'm never ready. 
So that is what is happening here today. 
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Ok I know it's Saturday already :( 
I work retail's Christmas.
Need I say more?
Last week totally got away from me and I didn't get in here to post so this week is a showing of what I've done art wise in the past two weeks.
First I got out the Gelli Plate and here are some of the results. 
Every flat space in the kitchen was cover with drying Gelli Prints :) 
I've used a couple of them already... 
This one is a 5"X7" blank note card.

Now I'm covering some mini composition books with them (and other things) for pocket journals. 
I watched a free art video by Tamara Laporte this week. I signed up for her Lifebook series a couple of years ago and loved it. I've followed her every since but just can't haven't been able to do the Lifebook again YET. 
She does a lot of Art Journal video's on Youtube 
This card was made while watching the video...
Today's Random Thought

Monday, November 30, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS and Thank You Elizabeth & Bleubeard 
for hosting us every week ♥
Not much art this week ...
just cutting out magazine photos for my 
Wild Things Journal. 
Here's a sampling of what I cut out and I my drink for the day .
Coffee in my favorite winter mug.
I had to force myself to wait until at least after Thanksgiving to start using it :) 
In answer to your question last week Elizabeth, yes I like it very creamy ♥
I normally go to my parents the weekend after Thanksgiving and that's when the family has the big meal. This year I wasn't able to get it off. This is the first Thanksgiving ever I have missed with my parents and it didn't make me happy at all :'( 
On Thanksgiving Day I was able to go to my son's for dinner  and had a fantastic time. So much fun we totally forgot to take pictures. 
So when I wasn't working this weekend I did some crocheting. 

Two Owl Ear Warmer Headbands ♥ 
I love this pattern and see a few more being made this month for gifts. I can make one an evening while listening to the TV. 
I also lost an old friend over the Holiday and it has left me very sad and determined not to miss another Holiday with my family. You just never know how much time you have left. 
Today's Random Thoughts. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :) 
Time to share whatever is going on with our friends over at " ALTERED BOOK LOVER"  and with Elizabeth & Bleubeard .
Just so I don't forget...because I often do... 
Here's my photo of my drink this morning. 
My morning coffee beside the Journal that I just finished the cover on. Here's a better shot of the cover. 
I'm not so sure I'm happy with it as is ...will give it a few days to see. 
I really need to get my behind in gear and work on these Christmas projects that I'm way behind on thanks to being ill for so long. But first I had to spend several hours cleaning up the art desk and the shared studio. Now I can breathe in here and maybe get these things done :) 
So I was able to get several pages cut for the Recipe Album I'm trying to make.
This is a major challenge so it will probably not be done for this Christmas. If only I hadn't lost those 6 weeks to illness.
We've had a couple of hard freezes this past week so nothing is left in the gardens. But the mini yellow rose I bring inside for the winter has decided to bloom again :) 

I can't find my Christmas Cactus anywhere so it must have gotten tossed accidentally during the remodel :( 
Well I have much to do around here so I had better get to it. 
Here's some Random Thoughts 


Friday, November 20, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Thank Goodness it's Friday! 
So it's Party time again ♥
One of those weeks here where a lot of things got started or worked on and nothing at all got finished. 
A couple of weeks ago I finished the last page in my first art journal. The first one I ever started... back in 2011. I've started several others since then and filled them up. But this one remained unfinished.This was the last spread I did in it.
I posted it a couple of weeks ago. 
So this week I decided to do something with the cover.  this is what I have so far...'s a close up of the first bubble...
...I'm not sure where I'm going for sure with the rest of it. 
This journal is my most precious journal.. not only because it was my first but because it was started at a very dark time in my life and by it's end things are good again but there's a lot of emotion in the pages between. I've grown so much during that process. Even in the beginning I knew I would...even when things were so bad. 
This was page one...
...and this was page two...
There are darker , gut wrenching pages of grief and then there are slowly pages of calm and peace. Eventually growth ,happiness and LOVE again. Then there are pages of art just for the fun of art . 
It's the sum of my being for the past Four Plus years. 
There are pages that aren't finished ...

Who knows if I will ever do anything with them or just let them rest .
Sorry for all of the photos this time... I get carried away sometimes. :) 
Thank you to all who sent well wishes while I was ill. It is so good to feel good again :) 
Today's Random Thoughts.