Monday, December 14, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's beginning to look a lot like 
Hello my Tuesday Friends
I have finally mustered up a wee bit of the Christmas Spirit and did a small amount of decorating here. 
The big tree is out of reach right now so instead we have a grouping of 3 small trees in an old wood crate. No ornaments :(  I may try to see if I can get to some tomorrow or the next day. 
I did rewire the reindeer and they are outside now  but no picture yet. 
Now I'm frantically trying to finish up the few cards I want to get in the mail this week .
Here are a couple of WIP's along with my big cup of coffee. 
I finished one today...
I think I am done shopping. I need to take an inventory to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone. Christmas is going to be here before we know it and I'm never ready. 
So that is what is happening here today. 
Some Random Thoughts to Share


  1. It's good to see you are in the Christmas spirit because it looks like it at your house. I like the smaller trees, but then, that's the only way I can decorate because my house is so small.

    People are really going to get some beautiful cards from you, Carol. They are sincerely lovely.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas trees, your Christmas spirit, your lovely handmade cards, and your coffee with us for T this week.

  2. Lovely photos and decorations, and hope you get all your lovely cards finished. Love the one that is done. Great quotes, too, I like the third one especially. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. well, i think i already do the first one, now i try the second, the confetti Thing;)
    happy t-day to you!

  4. what a pretty tree Carol. I don't do a big tree any longer either-just too hard to manage myself. Your wips look great and I love the card you finished! That's a lot of time and effort tat goes into them. Still trying to finish up mine too:) Wonderful quotes-I especially like the second one. Happy T day!

  5. Love your little grouping of trees and the cards look fabulous. I am hoping I am sorted but i am sure to realise that I have forgotten to get something for someone! Annette

  6. It is looking lovely and festive at your house Carol!
    Time moves so quickly I can hardly believe it.
    Making your own cards is really special too.
    Thanks also for sharing the great quotes.
    I missed you.
    Happy T Day

  7. The holidays do have a way of creeping up on one, don't they. This year I really made an effort to finish up a lot of things early, so I can just enjoy the time. Loved the cards you made. Happy T Day!

  8. I like your tree arrangement :) I like it when people do what suits them. Variety is the spice of life, after all :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  9. I like your tree! With all the lights it looks very festive.
    Yes, Christmas always comes without us being ready, so don't worry.
    We are having really lovely weather here. I'm sitting on the terrace baking in the sun and have had to come in as I can't see the screen very well!(Indoors it is cold mind! Tonight we will light the fire).

    Happy T-day and have a good week,

  10. Love the trees! Looks very cozy. It's all about the lights for me so I can do without the decorations... :) We did finally throw some gold bead garland and some gold and red ornaments on it Sunday.

  11. Um. yes. I am never quite ready as I'd hoped to be when Christmas arrives! It comes all the same and we do enjoy it though, don't we?! Love your 3 little trees...and I am big on old vintage boxes. Good thing I don't live closer or it might come up missing! ;) Your tree art work is beautifully done! happy T day!

  12. That is so cool that you draw and hand-paint cards! Wow! The holidays are upon us. Whoohoo!! Happy T-Day! :)

  13. I like the sock monkey under your trees. :)

    The tree painting on your Christmas card is gorgeous! I'm sure the other WIPs will come out great as well. I'm impressed. I usually buy most of my cards and only make a few.

    Happy T Day!

  14. Christmas decorations start here tomorrow - hopefully! Your tree looks great and I love your wips! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Amazing decorations Carol and a lovely card. Great quotes, too. Happy belated T Day, hugs,Susi

  16. Belated T-day wishes.
    Lovely decorations and I'm looking forward to the finish of your WIP.

  17. Love your tree!Your decorations are gorgeous! Happy T Day!