Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First DreamBoard

I have recently discovered Jamie Ridler and her work with DreamBoards. I love her outlook and her willingness to share her creativity with others. 
Check her out here:
I'll be trying very hard to create a new dreamboard with her every month on the full moon.
This month was the Full Snow Moon and  and the question:
"What desires lie deep with in?" 
Here's what I came up with for my first board :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

29 Faces Catch Up and Paint Party Friday

I really have been doing the 29 Faces challenge and I"m really not that far behind...
Except when it comes to posting them :( 
Seem to have run in to some type of mental block with posting on any of my 3 Blogs...
So unlike me to not have a thing to say. 
So here are the faces I have done so far .....

Pencil sketches of a really cool statue I picked up at a resale store...

Mixed media painting on a laminate sample..  

Another pencil sketch which will probably be painted later on.. more laminate sample mixed media...

...pencil sketch of the statue.... 

....My most read book..."GONE WITH THE WIND" ... old and yellowed... the dog at the cover and first several's been dropped in the tub (guilty as charged here ) and I still can't make myself throw it away... so it's being used as background pages in mixed media ...

The statue that will end up in the flowerbed around the fishpond...I do love yard art or art in the yard :0) Not to mention thrift store finds are a real HIGH! 
Linking to...

....and ....
Paint Party Friday

I think this brings me up to 10 Faces in Feb....see ya soon :0) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

29 Faces Days Three and Four

Last night was TV night so I decided to do some sketches in my art journal while setting in front of the Brain Chiller :) 

I was having a bit of a problem getting into the drawing on this first one. Looking at a magazine photo and watching a TV program was not working out well. 
The next one was better.....
No picture to draw from but I was watching one of those  Life in the Alaskan Frontier survival shows definitely had some influence :0) 
Can you say "Baby it's COLD Outside!" ? 
Alaska is beautiful but I don't think I'm up for those sub zero temps at all. 
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paint Party Friday and 29 Faces ...very late :)

Can You See Me? 

Still working on the mixed media that just won't end. Love how he has turned out ...but still not feeling like she is finished growing up yet. Will probably leave it alone for a bit and see what happens when I get back to her. 
This will also be my first 2 faces for 29 Faces in February. Only the 3rd day and I'm behind as usual but not stressing at all.  It will happen when it happens. 
Feeling at odd angles with myself these days. After 5 years of taking Cymbalta for my Fibromyalgia and not at all happy with how I feel still I have started a "ween off program" to put it in my past. So if I drop in and out just give me a bit to get this crazy drug out of my system and find out what normal is going to be for me.  Kind of scary but exciting too. Kind of like the idea of being in control of my health instead of just masking it learning to live with it. 
Now off to check out all of the great art posted so far :) 

Paint Party Friday