Monday, February 4, 2013

29 Faces Days Three and Four

Last night was TV night so I decided to do some sketches in my art journal while setting in front of the Brain Chiller :) 

I was having a bit of a problem getting into the drawing on this first one. Looking at a magazine photo and watching a TV program was not working out well. 
The next one was better.....
No picture to draw from but I was watching one of those  Life in the Alaskan Frontier survival shows definitely had some influence :0) 
Can you say "Baby it's COLD Outside!" ? 
Alaska is beautiful but I don't think I'm up for those sub zero temps at all. 
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  1. I like Baby It's Cold Outside. Love that hood she is wearing. Both faces are pretty good Carol. Speaking of cold, it is cold right now but it's colder elsewhere. Have a great week.

  2. I could absolutely never live in Alaska! Love the eyes on Baby It's Cold Outside. We are going in to a stretch of warmer weather. I have my fingers crossed for rain.

  3. Oh yes, I can see the influence from the TV-show ... ;-) Doesn't seem to like the cold either! Lovely sketches!

  4. Great faces! It sure is cold here! I am feeling like the second face today... where is my parka??

  5. Really good drawings. I could NEVER live in Alaska, or Siberia, or Russia, or Anarctica, get the message. :)

  6. Carol- you are an amazing sketch artist-- I've never understood how some people just do this so easily!!

    Thank you for your visits and comments-- I treasure you-
    Bless your heart for the generous gifts you are making to donate. That is such an amazing amount of work to make all those caps! You are a dear dear person to take on this great project.