Friday, November 20, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Thank Goodness it's Friday! 
So it's Party time again ♥
One of those weeks here where a lot of things got started or worked on and nothing at all got finished. 
A couple of weeks ago I finished the last page in my first art journal. The first one I ever started... back in 2011. I've started several others since then and filled them up. But this one remained unfinished.This was the last spread I did in it.
I posted it a couple of weeks ago. 
So this week I decided to do something with the cover.  this is what I have so far...'s a close up of the first bubble...
...I'm not sure where I'm going for sure with the rest of it. 
This journal is my most precious journal.. not only because it was my first but because it was started at a very dark time in my life and by it's end things are good again but there's a lot of emotion in the pages between. I've grown so much during that process. Even in the beginning I knew I would...even when things were so bad. 
This was page one...
...and this was page two...
There are darker , gut wrenching pages of grief and then there are slowly pages of calm and peace. Eventually growth ,happiness and LOVE again. Then there are pages of art just for the fun of art . 
It's the sum of my being for the past Four Plus years. 
There are pages that aren't finished ...

Who knows if I will ever do anything with them or just let them rest .
Sorry for all of the photos this time... I get carried away sometimes. :) 
Thank you to all who sent well wishes while I was ill. It is so good to feel good again :) 
Today's Random Thoughts.


  1. A wonderful post to start my day here - thanks. Love to see the progress shots of your journal, and glad the art helped you through a bad time. Looks after yourself, Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh I love rescued my soul too! So glad you shared them...and your quotes prove what an amazing person you are! Thanks for sharing and showing your journey of hope!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. The effect art and creating can have on a soul is just miraculous isn't it? Thank you for sharing your wonderful journal pages!! I still have some pages of just backgrounds in my older journals:) Congrats on being featured artist this week at PPF too!

  4. Never apologize for showing too many pictures! I love seeing what other people create, especially in their journals. It's so wonderful how this particular journal is a kind of blueprint of your life in the past years. It keeps amazing me how healing art can be, at the moment that you create it but also for years afterwards, when you look at what you've created and can see how far you've come. Funny how you only now finished the cover! I don't have any journal at the moment where the cover is finished. But then, I also don't have a finished journal, since I keep going from one to the other and keep starting new ones :-)

  5. Carol very interesting about that first journal. I think I was following you through some of those rough times. I only know what little you shared here and I am very happy that you have found happiness. Love all your pictures! I so enjoy your art!

  6. I too love seeing all the art people create. It is inspiring and your art is so happy. That is a great compliment.

  7. You just go ahead and get carried away ~ it's part of the whole magic and healing of Creative Expression!

    And I love that Merton quote. :) <3