Friday, October 23, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It' Friday again 
and time to celebrate 
It seems like it's been forever since I've shown up for the party. This , that and the other has prevented me from being around much anywhere lately. 
Not even very much art done recently but several WIP'S are going on :) 
I have started working on 2 new journals that will be gift this Christmas. 
Here are their covers far..

...they are subject to complete change in the future. Both will be cookbooks combined with art and little memories . 
I've also started my first larger journal. A 9 inch X 12 inch . It didn't start out as a theme journal but I think it has morphed onto one after finishing the first lay out. 
I shared it earlier this week with my "T" friends but it's changed a bit since then and will change again I'm sure.
I'm thinking it will a "Wild Things" journal...we'll see :)
I've already been playing with some images for the layout...again nothing firm yet.
My energy levels have been real hit and miss lately so combine that with my A.D.D. that has gone ballistic again everything is in a state of  incompleteness . 
The garden season is over and most things have gone dormant , died or in the process of getting there.  A few stragglers that refuse to give up...

The Hubs likes everything neat and tidy..inside and out. I'm just not wired that way. Inside we work things out but side is a constant discussion with passion :) As soon as it dyes off he wants it cut back ..I like to leave the seed heads and brush for the birds and cut back in early Spring. So usually in front of the house get cu back but in the rest of the flower garden I get my way. 
Then I can look out the windows and see this...
 ...although squirrels are not my friend after staling all of my apples this year :( 

The veggie garden is done. Most of the plants are pulled out and the garlic is planted for next year. I still need to get some mulching done and some areas covered with black plastic to kill off the grass and weeds that took over when I got down. That should all happen this week. 
The leaves are falling everywhere. Hubs raked up the first big batch and mulched them and moved them to the leave compost bin. Most of this batch will get used to mulch the garden with but there will be many more batches before they all stop falling.
Today's Random Thoughts


  1. Love your art journaling, and the idea od combining recipes and art. Your garden is looking good, sorry if your husband always wants it tidier. Take care of yourself, and get enough rest.Hugs, Valerie

  2. What beautiful works in progress! They are lovely. It sounds like a good compromise, to cut down earlier in the front and later in the back. Sweet photographs too!

  3. Your journals are going to make for special gifts Carol! Must be difficult when any diagnosis flares up but we do muddle thru somehow don't we? I am with you on leaving plant remainders for the birds too:)

  4. So sorry you haven't been feeling well Carol! Hope things will be better next week. You got some great things going on here. I'm totally crazy about that second cover, love that background!! And that journalspread is gorgeous, perfect combination of collage and painting. I can relate to that last quote ;-)

  5. Every thing looks so much better at your place than ours. We are all crunchy and brown and CH has started sucking up leaves. It chilly here this morning. We thought about heading to St. Lou to look at the color but didn't have the energy... :) Love the second cover!

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon. Your artwork is beautiful and your project sounds like so much fun. I also love your photographs. You have the "gift of camera." :D

  7. Your pages are wonderful. This morning I woke to three deer in my yard so I really like that one. Love your photos too.

  8. Wonderful pages and love the wildlife journal too!! Be kind to yourself when you have those off days...I understand it well!! I just read an article about the importance of leaving the garden to cycle through until march when you should then cut it back... So you as the gardener are on the right track. Also Love everyone of those quotes which all apply to me!! Thanks for sharing and I wish you more good days than bad!

    Hugs Giggles