Saturday, August 2, 2014

August heART Aug 2nd

After 2 weeks of doing almost nothing while I recovered from a back irritation of some sorts, I am up and active again. With "some"
 restraint of  course. 
Yesterday I did a couple of sketching... trying to decided what I want to do with a background I'm totally in love with.

Today I worked on a easy journal page ....
I made the background with a cool stamp I found in a clearance bin and then dribbled the yellow paint on. 
So that's my entry for today...
A thought for today..


  1. ow, love the one with the dribbled paint, fantastic idea. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, Carol, that background is luscious and I adore the simple beauty of your journal entry and your use of those bold complements ~ purple and yellow - YUM!

    And your Goethe quote, love it. Love him.

    Thanks, too, for participating in August heART and take care of that back (I can relate)!

  3. Hello from the blog hop. Hope your back is better!

  4. Love the yellow dragonfly(?) on the purple BG!

  5. Wonderful dragonfly. I'm visiting from August Art.

  6. so glad that you are feeling better

    your back ground is wonderful
    as is
    your dragonfly