Thursday, August 14, 2014

August heART ----August 14, 2014

Day 14
You might say I definitely was not in the mood for at today.... I drug out some cards and sprayed the backs....

...added the theme quote and then flipped them over and added some background color... at this point I was at a stand still....not a thought or inspiration on what to do... 

...the sunshine and the great outdoors were calling my name. 
So I grabbed my camera and walked around the grounds taking pictures of what's going on out there today. 
 The Giant Russian Sunflower is still going strong with lots of flowers....

 I love the close up of the center of the flower...
The butterfly weed is blooming again...not as much as the first round because I decided to let it go to seed instead of dead heading it. I want to plant more :) 

The Marsh Mallows are going strong and the bees are very happy with them....

 He is just covered in pollen :) 
 Tried to get a picture if the little Nuthatch that is nesting in the  birdhouse that I "Zentangled" picture of the bird just the house. 
 The Dahlia have recovered from the Japanese Beetle attach and are in full bloom again... 
 and the Blackeyed Susan's are i spreading their sunshine :) 

 Came back inside and fixed my daily herbal tonic tea....

...and went back outside to clear up the apple mess under the trees..
 Fallen and spoiled apples everywhere... not a good time to be done with an injury. 
 So I got my little garden wagon and my foam knelling pad...which I then sat on and picked up apples tossing them into the wagon as I scooted around on the ground.... My neighbors are totally convinced I'm more than a little nutty :) 

So this is the pile that ended up in the compost and I brought about a half a 5 gallon bucket inside and made 2 quarts of applesauce. Trouble is I was only able to pick up half of the fallen apples so I'll be scooting across the yard on my but again tomorrow. 
It did fill good to be actually doing something outside and applesauce is so yummy. 
I only have one tree that ripens this early the others do not ripen until late September or October so hopefully be up and running and won't have to let so many go to waste. 

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of apples. Well at least they'll go in the compost pile. We have one apple tree, a granny apple tree. Very nice flowers Carol. Have a great day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend.

  2. Responding to the call of Nature is a form of inspiration, make no mistake! :)

  3. All your flowers are looking beautiful Carol! How lucky you are to have a little Nuthatch in your bird house!