Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August heART--August 13,2014 and a very late Tea Stands for Tuesday

Day 13
Another busy day here :) The new steroids do seem to be working and I can actually move without pain today. The Aqua Therapy was a real workout but one that I can tell is going to help me a lot more than the other ones were. Since I'm not feeling the pain today I have to keep telling myself to be careful's not over yet. 
I really hate taking steroids.... but sometimes you just reach the point where you're willing to try almost anything to be done with it. 
Today's art is more Inspirational Quote Cards. I never got around to working on the big painting least not yet :) 
My scanner is on the fritz today so all I have are cell phone photos....
The first is another Wild Haired Beauty...the background  is a textured acrylic glaze, the hair is ink and I used Prisma Colored Pencils to do her face.
 The second is a rendering of what Frida may have looked like when she was least in my minds eyes. More colored pencils with a very light acrylic textured glazed background.
 The last one was done on the same glaze texture using markers and ink pens. 

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My trusty drink for Tuesday...
Super Bargains at Michael's this week ...all of this for under $30. That's  2  7in X 10in journals, 2 9in X 12in journals , a stencil and 3 bags of  altered art trinkets.... Love it when can score....
random flowers from the yard..

Today's Random Thought


  1. Wow. Three new cards and a healing back ~ you are on a roll, Carol! Take your healing slow and steady and balance that with the wonderfully furious arting that you're doing!

    And again ~ thanks so much for sharing your inspirations with August heART!

  2. You are really on a roll Carol! Fabulous what here is going on!

  3. Hi Carol. Love your Frida's and your random flowers. Glad you are feeling better. I live with pain daily and have had shots in my knees but I'd rather feel the pain that the pain of those needles going into my knees. Yikes! Nice work.

  4. So happy to hear that the back is improving! I am sure that the steroids are working their magic but the aqua therapy is a good deal! I love values and integrity! I am still loving that woman from your last post!

  5. Beautiful work,, Love that you are still painting Frida too. Great bargains with those journals, wow! Keep up the therapy, glad it is doing you good. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Love all your projects Carol and am so pleased you are at last getting some pain relief. Annette x

  7. Love your two portraits, Carol, especially the first one with the fantastic hair-style. I like the flower too, just my kind of painting.

  8. We crafters love a bargain don't we!
    Liking your pictures and the pink flower is lovely.

  9. I am VERY late to remember to come back and double-check for T-Day last week--LOL! Better late than never, right? I especially love the wild haired girl!! Hope to visit sooner this week. ;)