Wednesday, September 10, 2014

29 Faces in September 2014 Day 10

Day 10
Let me tell ya if ever there was a day for climbing back into bed and forgetting about was that day. 
It just seemed like nothing was going to go right... from over flowing washers to burning the pot of stew....I do mean totally crispy crittering it and the pan , thus  Realizing that the smoke alarms in the house no longer work....AT ALL !  Dropping said burnt and very smoking pot onto my favorite rug and burning a perfect circle in it didn't wash out :(  but as the husband pointed out the kitchen floor was saved by it. 
So I had to throw out the stew or charcoal at this point in time and then proceed to try an salvage the pot. Which I did manage to do... well at least the inside of the pot is now all clean and sparkly...don't think the very bottom of the pan will ever be pretty again but it is usable. 
I'm amazed that I even bothered to try and do a face much less paint this one...but I did and it really didn't turn out to wonky. Te more I drew and painted the more relaxed I became so now I can laugh about all of the earlier tragedies. Although the  dog is still a little leery of me I think he'll adjust eventually. 
 So here she is. She based on one of the Life Book classes  by  Tamara Laporte. I love doing Life Book and often go back and redo a class so that I remember it.  
In the class we used spray inks and the whole hair and back ground where much wilder and loose... given the kind of day I had already had I didn't think spraying anything would be a good idea today . LOL! So she is a more tame and mellow  kind of gal which is what I needed today. 
Today's Random Thought
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  1. Sorry about your chaotic day and burnt offering instead of stew, things like that sometimes happen. The face is beautiful, and I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you! Take care, Valerie