Tuesday, October 7, 2014

T Stands fir Tuesday and Art Journal's Journey and Altered Playing Card Challenge

So far it's been a restful week...following a restful weekend. ♥ Which feels great ! 
This months theme at Art Journal's Journal is Deep in the Forest . So here is my first entry for that...
This was done with watercolors , pencil, and fine tipped ink markers. After finishing that I did a pencil sketch while watching TV ...
She was inspired by one of the characters in the show we were watching..." Hell on Wheels" The tree was just a mindless doodle that I added as I watched TV. 
 I also managed to get caught up on the Altered Playing Card Challenge so here are Weeks Four and Five....

Here's the Quote Card I managed to get done, only 5 more cards and this deck will be finished...

Drinking coffee form one of my favorite mugs that was painted for me by one of the Granddaughters. Just noticed it has a little chip in it :( 

Have another dentist appointment today to get my options on replacing the tooth I lost last week. I'm seeing BIG dollar signs :( 
Then when I get home I get to start on the apples again. I am giving away one of the buckets full so that's a relief. As much as I love having the applesauce and pie filling I'm really getting burnt out on working with apples. 
Today's Random Thought
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  1. What a fun and newsy post.
    The lady you sketched is wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing all of your nice artwork.
    What a special of my favs got a big chip and will be used as a pencil or brush holder now ;-(
    It is nice to be back for tea...
    Happy October!

  2. Another wonderful post, with so much eye candy, just great! Love the joural page, it looks so peaceful. Hope it goes well with the dentist! By the way, the quote is just fantastic! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Very lovely art work... The woman's face is very well done! the 'face' in the tree of the first pic made me smile...happy T day!

  4. Beautiful art work, love that face!
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy T-day

  5. Wow.. your forest is amazing as well as the drawn face ! And your APC's are great too. I also did so much with apples the last 3 weeks.. I can understand Good luck at the dentist.
    xxx Susi
    Thank you for sharing another fabulous post and gerat art with us at
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Your forest is lovely and peaceful, a very pleasant place for a quiet walk.
    Good luck with the apples, you'll be glad you saved them later on!

  7. Wonderful creations! Love the first one! 'Good to see you' again ! Happy Week to you ~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! Such a cute mug, love that it was homemade. Your drawings are so good, love them both. Too bad about the dentist, hate going and hate paying for it. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  9. You have mad drawing skills! LOVE IT!!
    Happy T day!

  10. Sorry I’m so late. The party is over and everything has been put away, so now I can relax and enjoy your gorgeous artwork and hand painted mug. I'm with Halle. You have INCREDIBLE drawing skills.

    So glad you shared both your drawings AND your APCs this week. I apologize that I haven't been by sooner, because life has really gotten in the way of computer time recently. I hope to rectify that soon, though as I catch up on what you are making/drawing. Sorry to read about your tooth. I'll look for an update soon.

    Thanks for being such a sweetie and joining T this Tuesday, even though I haven't really been around much.

  11. You have been very busy, all great! Wonderful drawings!

  12. Weeks four and five are fun.. love week four's face! Gotta love the trees.. there is a face on one :)

  13. Love your journal entries! Especially the face. :) Great APCs as well.

  14. Wonderful art this week and last week too (I somehow missed that post). Your landscape looks so peaceful, and I love the hair on your sketch! And I just looove your quotecards ....

  15. Your house looks exactly like my friends house in the US, i cant remember what state she lives in oh North Carolina.
    Bridget #3

  16. I missed you for T today, but mostly came by to tell you that your DH would LOVE the Cosmosphere. I sure did, but mainly because of my connection to engineering classes at Wichita State. Also, I was left on my own and could explore at my own pace.

    Although I enjoyed the Salt Mine, I prefer to explore alone. Instead I had Kathy constantly either making comments, or calling me over to a different exhibit before I had finished reading the first one. However, I'm sure your DH would be thrilled with either museum.