Friday, June 26, 2015

Paint Party Friday & Summer of Color 5 week 3 & Art Journal Journey

It's Friday and it's 
Party TIME! 
Big CONGRATS to Consie and her amazing Inspirational Cards Deck. 
It's been a rather laid back and low energy week here. Taking the time to recoup some energy and play with some art supplies. 
I actually managed to finish two things this week.

While going through things in my art room I ran across the original pencil drawing I did in 2013 and decided to give it a shot using the under-painting method and lots of glazes.   . 
Her she is with the first under-painting layer...
.... then I got so involved in the layers I forgot to take more photos :) 
I don't like her mouth or the hair but she's not too bad for a practice piece. 
The other  painting I did was for Summer of Color 5 and the colors this week are 2 purples and a yellow. 
So I painted my favorite Poppy ...
We had a couple of days of sun and then more rain ... we got 4 inches of rain last night alone. Some really bad storms with it too. 
My Bee Balm took a beating :( 

Some of it can be propped back up but a lot of it has bent stems and those will have to be harvested and dried. So I'll have lots of Bee Balm for tea this winter :) 
The rest of the garden is fine...just very, very wet. We're suppose to have sun tomorrow and then another week of rain....:'( 
Lots of Day Lilies blooming but somehow I can only fin one photo ....
 ...and the butterflies are starting to show up ...
..getting their picture is not often easy. I thought at first this was a Monarch but then realized it's a Viceroy...which looks very much like a Monarch.  Still haven't spotted my first Monarch yet. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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  1. Love all you have made Carol, the face is very striking. Your flowers - painted and real - are gorgeous. Perhaps you would link your face painting to Art Journal Journey, it fits our theme very nicely? Hugs, Valerie

  2. is the addy if you want to link. I clicked send too quickly!

  3. Nice Poppy-painting for SOC!

  4. I love your girl she is fabulous and fun...with Great hair!! You've come a long way baby!! All this work is so good!! Great photos too!! Beautiful soc!! I love purple!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love your projects this week. x

  6. I think you painted her just right. She certainly has BIG personality. (and hair, but I think she needs that).

  7. Interesting about the layers! The poppy is sweet. I think I am really tired of all this rain. I need some sun that lasts longer than one day. Hoping for sun today and tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend, Carol!

  8. Beautiful works of art, Carol! I love your face and gorgeous poppy and your used of this week's SOC colors. And all of your photos are amazing!

  9. Thanks so much for linking your lovely lady to Art Journal Journey Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  10. your portrait is just beautiful carol with all those layers of color and I love your poppy illustration too!

  11. Fantastic portrait and lovely flowers - painted and real ones!
    Thank you for joining AJJ with the beautiful woman's face!
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Your portrait is gorgeous, Carol. I enjoyed seeing the steps taken to get to the final beauty.

  13. Of course I'm here from SOC, but I also like your lovely lady. I've never seen a purple poppy before. But, I've never seen a real poppy, either!

    Glad some of your flowers are starting to straighten out after the beating they took. Seems like bad weather follows both of us these days.

  14. Greetings from AJJ Carol.
    Your girl is wonderful both sketched and painted.
    Your blue poppy is beautiful as are all of your blooms.
    We too have had boatloads of rain.
    Happy Sunday oxo

  15. can't see anything wrong with her mouth, and I love her crazy hair! Your SOC-piece looks great! Sorry that your plants got a hammering from the rain, hope the weather gets better soon!

  16. nice photos and good use of the colour combos thie week for SOC :)

  17. Wonderful portrait and flowers! :)