Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paint Party Friday...ummm Saturday Morning then... :)

I'm late but I'm here :) 
Last week I just totally forgot to do a post....too much going on outside to think about computer time. Almost happened this week too :) 
Not a whole lot of art happening here and the colder weather has finally left and I'm rushing around to get the final garden planting done. 
This is a 4.25 in X 4.25 inch wood square that is 1 inch thick. Done with acrylics.
A couple of more WIP pieces of wood. I used pages out of an old old copy of "GONE with the WIND" and pages out of old church hymnals as backgrounds for these.
Not sure where these are going yet. Of course one is a funky bird. 
I've been working on getting the woodland part of our property ready for this for 3 years now. I'm very happy to get this and will be posting signs out . Hopefully it will keep the subdivision from spraying the roadside on my property . I've had a talk with the trustee in charge and he just looked at me like I was a nut. ( I am , but that's beside the point ) 

 The Poppies are still blooming :) 
Tomatoes are growing ...crazy like ...
 Potatoes too...
 Tomatoes on the other side of garden ...
 Strawberries are starting to form runners and new plants :) 
 Lizards hanging out on a cool day...
 ...and the first time ever Woody is feeding ate the suet feeders in the summer... must have young ones to feed :) 
...have figured out who's been stealing the Hummingbird nectar :( 
Today's Random Thoughts

 ... and some gardens fun....
You Know You're a real Gardener When


  1. Wonderful post today Carol. Love your art work, the face is marvelous, and I love that quirky bird. You have been very busy in your garden, and great that you have your certificate now, and hope that it will stop those Official Nuts from spraying everything. Love the shot of the hungry squirrel! Have a nice weekend, and look after yourself Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Carol. Your piece is outstanding. Looks like the garden is getting to you as it is me. There is nothing like harvesting your own veggies. Happy for you Carol. Very nice post.

  3. Wow great post and your tomatoes look awesome!! As does all the garden...and your amazing painting!! Thanks for sharing all this joyful spring happenings!! Good for you trying not to get them to spray...the answer is always no if you don't try!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Ooooh!!! I have never seen a purple poppy-that is awesome! Your garden is coming along so beautifully. Love your portrait-and I am also already anticipating your finished quirky bird:) I know how you feel about the posting. I have waited SO long for this gorgeous weather it makes it hard to get on the computer. I have never seen a squirrel try at our or our neighbors hummingbird feeders but I do see the chickadees attempt to get some:)

  5. Congratulations on certification as a Wildlife Habitat... Yay! We want to do that too! I like the funky bird and your fearful lady has a lot of emotion. We have sun today so we are beyond happy... the rain was getting a little old!

  6. Wonderful art and gardening- congrats on the certification! Wow!

  7. I love the texture on that wooden canvas, and the girl has such a lovely expression on her face. Your new WIPs look very interesting already. I can't imagine you still have time for art with all the work in that big garden of yours. It looks wonderful, it must be a joy to be out there!