Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hello my Tuesday friends!!!!
It's been another busy week here.....
lots of rain and sunshine all in the same days.
So the gardening has been done in spurts and not enough time to get what I wanted to do done. It will all eventually get there. :) 
The tomatoes are loving the straw bales and growing very well. Three weeks ago they were little 4 inch plants sticking up out of the bales. 
 I set the 16 oz soda bottle there to show how big they are now :) 
The potatoes that are planted in the bales are looking great too.. the ones in the ground  don't seem to be doing so well. Could be too much rain ?  

Just another view of other bales and some of the garlic. 

I have one lonely little strawberry ripening but I really didn't expect berries this year as it's a new bed. Next year should tell if this super raised bed is going to work or not. 
Here is a group of flowers and herbs that are still waiting to get into the ground.... darn all of that rain :( 

The 4x4 ft raised bed that is full of tiny pepper plants that should really take off when it warms a bit more. We have had unseasonably cool weather this spring and they do love heat. 

The one small bed of potatoes in the ground that is doing well. The 3 long rows have nothing to show yet :( 

Mullen going strong :) 

A tub of Chocolate Mint that was pulled from the driveway flower bed....
It's taking over this end of the driveway flowerbed so a whole lot more of it will be pulled up today . There is actually a half whiskey barrel in there that you can't even see for the mint :) Some of the mint will get transplanted in the back of the property and some will get dried and used for tea.  

The Day Lilies are starting to bloom :) 

 The last of the Iris...
... and another mullen that showed up in the driveway flowerbed. I don't pulled them when the show up...I may relocate them... but the Goldfinch love the seeds and the butterfly love the flowers and I use the leaves and roots in different herbal meds I make myself. This part of the flowerbed hasn't been weeded and mulched yet :(  

Garden art from the granddaughters :) 
 The Echinacea is about to bloom !!!! 
 This Live Forever Sedium has been thinned and ready to go...on the left of the horses head is some volunteer Clome' that will get relocated to the Butterfly garden as it will get WAY too tall for this flowerbed. 
 The Purple Poppy has formed a seedpod and has about four more blooms about to open. Those will get deadheaded so that it might bloom again later on. Always iffy on that. 
My fish pond is in a sad state for sure. Usually by now it has been totally cleaned out and the fountain up and running. The poor fish are still in the basement in a tank.
 The frogs however are very happy LOL! 

A bright spot in the green pond...

I have managed to clear out one small patch next to the pond....  
 ..we have this horrible "Creeping Charlie" that is taking over everything in the back. I've fought it for years and usually keep somewhat controlled...but last year with my injury it took over...EVERYTHING! 

There are flowers under there :( can almost tell...'s going everywhere and is extremely hard to get rid of :'(  
 I'll be fighting it back here all summer. 
I had to run back outside and take a photo of my drink of the day...My coffee :) 
...and while there I noticed I also have a little bitty tomato already!!!!  
Today's Random Thought's


  1. Oh, what fun to see how your garden grows :) I can taste those tomatoes now. Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Wow!! My ONE tomato plant is STILL NOT in the ground due to all the rain we had. Floods, in fact were the rule, not the exception while I was gone. My irises have been gone for nearly a month, and my day lilies don't bloom till late summer. Yours are on a different schedule, I guess!

    I may have to grab a couple of hay bales for next year. It seems things grow well in them and it would give me another year for my lasagna garden to cook down.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee, your new tomato, and all your wonderful herbs and veggies with us for T this Tuesday, dear. BTW, my chocolate mint is nearly dead!! And I thought it couldn't die.

  3. Your garden is off to a great start. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding. Happy T Day!

  4. What a fabulous garden!! I would love to be there and give you a hand to rummage out the pesky invader and sniff the delicious chocolate mint plant, and learn about the straw bale planting - what a brilliant idea - and I would bring you some of my dozens of organic strawberry plants that are covered in flowers just now, and generally feel at peace and enjoy the hard work. I feel better already, just thinking about it all. Thank you. Happy T Day :o))

  5. It is really fascinating to see your hay bale garden doing so well! Everything looks great! Your hard work is really paying off! The Iris is just gorgeous as is the Water Lily! Happy T Day!

  6. Wow look at all those photos!! I'm so glad you shared this Tday!! Hugs! deb

  7. marvelous garden projects! loved the photo of the frog, even if you haven't gotten to cleaning the pond yet! lovely waterlilly too!

  8. That is an incredible amount of work Carol! But it looks GREEN... especially the frog! I don't think we are going to plant a vegetable garden this year... just some green beans!

  9. I just LoVe seeing your gardens! And I can *so* relate to having plants waiting patiently for their rooted homes in the earth. I still have plenty! Even so, you're ahead of me ~ and so are your plants and blooms ~ so, so, so lovely to see! Even the creeping charlie. :)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely world with us!

  10. Thanks for the tour of your wonderful garden. Did you eat that lone strawberry? Keep having fun, and take good care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

  11. Thanks for the tour of your wonderful garden. Did you eat that lone strawberry? Keep having fun, and take good care of yourself, hugs, Valerie