Friday, May 8, 2015

Paint Party Friday

♥ IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
It's a good rain too...steady and not too hard so it's all soaking in and was so desperately needed !

I love to take pictures of flowers with rain drops on them :) 
It's Iris season here and they are stunning ...
This is what the circle drive flowerbed looks like when the Iris are in full bloom... can you here me singing "HAPPY" and see me doing a little HAPPY DANCE ? 
The art has been a bit slow this week... 
...I did finish the journal page and....

These two  note cards. 
I put a background on a 5x7 inch canvas board....
... and that's all she wrote :( Inspiration has left the building :( I drug out several other backgrounds that I've made over time and have them laying and hanging around waiting for something to reach out and say finish me..... nothing yet. 
So I guess I'll go back outside and play in the wet garden and try again later :) 
 The rain has brought the fungi back to the straw bales... 
 My super raised bed strawberry bed is ready to plant bending over for me to harvest those yummy berries :) 
.... and the tomatoes plants are loving the straw bales and growing super duper fast in them. 
Random thoughts for this week...


  1. Wonderful post Carol. Glad for you that you have the rain you need, and I am astonished that you found time to do some of your wonderful art by your very busy week. Looks after yourself, hugs, Valerie

  2. Considering all the work you did in the garden, it's a miracle you still found time to make some art! Love that journalpage, and that background looks very promising...!

  3. Wow wonderful photos! Cupcake also loves taking photos of flowers with raindrops on them... love the garden and the flower art too...such grateful quotes that I love... very nice!! Wonderful journal page too!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Enjoyed your post Carol. Great art as well.

  5. Great post. besides enjoying your art, love looking at all those gorgeous irises too.

  6. LOVE the raindrops on the flowers-super pics Carol! Fab art and garden projects too. And you always find such great random thoughts. Happy weekend!

  7. Such a great post, Carol. Your iris beds are beautiful. I love the magenta ones. Neat art projects too. Looks like you will be one busy woman this summer with the raised gardens.

  8. Gorgeous photos and I love the simplicity of the painting of the little cone flower.

  9. Carol you are so right... the rain is certainly welcome. The irises are not to be denied this spring... they have been the most beautiful. The last few years they just didn't get up and be all showy and happy! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday Carol!

  10. great art and wonderful photos. :)

  11. What gorgeous irises and beautiful art! I love the water droplets.