Friday, May 1, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's May Day!!!!
A traditional day of celebrating the arrival of Spring. A day with  ancient history that has evolved over the years and varies from region to region. 
Dancing around a "MAY POLE" is just one of the many traditions observed on this day. 
Along with crowning "May Queens" and making "May Baskets" of flowers. 
I used to make a May Day wreath to hang on the front door. In this house the front door faces east and we have a glass storm door. So any fresh flower wreath wilts almost instantly in the hot sunlight. Even if it's chilly outside :( 
Perhaps later today I'll make one for the bedroom door :) 
The WIP has finally become a finished project...
... it just needs a name now :-/ 
With all of the Spring activity going on here my art is a little  random and spread out over lots of little bits of stolen moments and bursts of inspiration. 
I have several WIP's going on now. 
This one from last week has had a change of direction...

... and I've started another 5x7 inch note card...
... then there is the art journal spread I'm working on. A page I started while dealing with the loss of a friend. 
Along with May Day celebrations also comes the time to actually start putting all of the started plants into the ground. Another celebration of New Beginnings. 
This is only a sample of what I have started :) 
Then there is the beauty of the Spring perennials! 
....and Alliums are all waking up this week :) 
Today's Random Thoughts...


  1. Super art work and photos. Happy PPF

  2. Wonderful post, love your art, as always, and thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Great photos. Very nice work on the flowers. Thanks.:)

  4. I love all the WIPs, specially those with a face lol
    Hugs and happy PPF!

  5. You are very prolific! Lots of great pieces here. So sorry about the loss of your friend...

  6. you have such great and creative energy Carol! (do you sell any of that potion?")

  7. Love the face on that wonderful blue page!

    Happy PPF!

  8. Stunning a love the flower and background... Wonderful wip and quotes too!! Your Spring garden must be such inspiration...the iris's look beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. wonderful work! love those flowers. :)

  10. Lovely art this week! I love that colour blue in your artjournal, and the face that is emerging. And the quotes are great, I'm going to save them!

  11. Lots of art projects to look forward to and yes, the iris are getting ready to burst here too! Good Morning Carol!