Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog 2014

Hi I'm Carol and this year I'm participating in the "Grow Your Blog" event. 
This is my art blog .... where I share what I'm working on in my ongoing struggle to improve my artistic skills. 
I've always been a creative person and have a deep rooted need to be actively creating something. When I ignore this need for very long I become a very unhappy and unsettled person. 
My interest vary from year to year and you just never know what medium I'm going to try out next. 
I don't have any formal art training at all but have recently started signing up for  art classes on line and even a few local classes.  I love the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Currently I am signed up for the LifeBook 2014 classes and have loved what we've done so far..... 
 I also love to "Doodle" 
... and to sketch....

....and just play with paint...

So thanks for checking out my blog and maybe we'll become cyber friends this year :) 

Don't forget to check out the other great bloggers in this event ...


  1. Good Morning Carol! This "Grow Your Blog" is a great idea. Love to see your art work.. : )

  2. What wonderful art you've been doing! So lovely. I hope the "Grow Your Blog" project goes well for you. I especially love the hair color of the first painting you shared. Beautiful!

  3. I love your compilation of artwork here! 2014 has you creating like crazy...that is so awesome! I'm going to check out grow your blog!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I think it's only about a year-r-so since we've connected here in blogland, Carol, and I can say that I've witnessed ~ in you ~ some wonderful creativity, expression and evolution of "skills" and confidence. What you call struggle, I'd be inclined to call challenge. :)