Friday, January 31, 2014

Paint Party Friday

It's here again!!!
Paint Party Friday!!!!!!
It's been another frigid and windy week here so it was easy to stay inside and play in my art room most of the week. 
I did a random drawing/painting in my journal while I watched the Grammy's on Sunday.

 Her face and shoulders are done in colored pencils and the hair and background are painted then glazed and then little swirls drawn with a white gel pen. Have I  mentioned before that I love my white Gel Pens ♥ 
On Monday I worked on a page for my Life Book 2014 class...
Then the rest of the week I worked off and on some doodles......
of which I could only find one of so the others must be  in my locker at work. 
The eyes are still wonky and I see the doctor on Monday keep your fingers crossed that the inflammation is gone and they can do the surgery on the cataracts . I'm becoming a tad bit irritable with this poor vision :(
Today's thoughts....

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Paint Party Friday


  1. The big pink hair is so pretty! And I love my white gel pens too. :D

  2. Love the bird quote and your lovely face!! Good luck on the pending cataract surgery! Hope it all works out well! Once it's done it will feel like day and night!! That's what I hear anyway!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. wow she is gorgeous Carol as is your other work. Hope you get the results you need and all goes well. Hugs Annette x

  4. I love your pink big haired girl! And your release page is so beautiful- I love it. Nice doodling too. Sending positive thoughts you have good vision again and they can get your surgery done ASAP. Happy PPF!

  5. Loved the variety on your post for PPF, Carol. I especially love the girl with the cotton candy hair. She's gorgeous.

  6. I love this hair!!! This is a happy piece of art.