Friday, January 17, 2014

Paint Party Friday and Journal 52

Hello again Friends :) 
Joining again with all of the creative souls in these two groups. You all inspire me to be so much more creative than I ever thought I could be. 
This week felt like a low energy week... more like a go slowly and savor the process type week really. 
Here's what I got done....
First for Journal52
 the prompt was up, up, and away..
the painting was inspired by a photo my daughter took on a recent trip to Kenya and the bird is flying over the Rift Valley. My dream is to someday make that trip with her. 
The next is a collection of 3 small Imaginary Animals created from paint blobs. A fun assignment from Life Book Lesson with  Carla  Sonheim. I love her whimsical approach to art and look forward to finishing the rest of her assignments. 
I'm taking things a little slower right now so that I'm not spending as much time at the computer ...trying to give my eyes the chance to heal. It's amazing how difficult it is to stay away.... can you say addicted? 
Random thoughts for this week 

So that's it for this week .... 
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  1. Love your painting, and the blobimals are great, too! Hope you son find more energy! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful scene behind the fence, Carol. That's a super gorgeous sky.

  3. Loving your beautiful painting Carol. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Very nice painting Carol. I know what you mean about the eyes and the computer. Take it slow and just enjoy your life.

  5. that is one gorgeous painting Carol! An African safari is one of (too) many places to go on my bucket list. Love your animals too-I still want to take one of Carla's classes sometime. Happy PPF!

  6. Very pretty.... wow I saw that tutu saying today somewhere else and was going to keep it I loved it so much!! So true about lessons and addiction to computers!! Great post...look after those eyes!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Very lovely! Wonderful! have a great weekend! I should invest in buying a tutu! :D

  8. Blobimals! Thanks Valerie-Jael.. :) I love them too Carol! Addicted, yes to the internet. Take care of your eyes Carol! Lovely painting inspired by your daughter's picture. The little tutu girl is darling! Enjoy your Friday Carol, we are going to have a teeny warm up!

  9. Your art is always so beautiful. Sending healing energy for your eyes.

  10. Wonderful pieces Carole! That landscape is gorgeous and the blobs so fun.

    We must be on the same wavelength this week as my snowoerson agrees with your quote....

  11. Your up, up and away image is wonderful … and I love doodling over random splotches of paint to see what manifests! Your critters are great!

    I've been spending less time online, too. It feels good to me. Besides, I may as well start to acclimate myself to it now rather than going cold-tuekey when I'm consumed by spring garden tasks. :D

    Be well and merry creating!

  12. Gorgeous sky!
    I hope you can go and show pictures here :D

  13. Landscape looks beautiful! And blots are always so much fun. :)