Friday, January 10, 2014

Paint Party Friday

What a week Here! 
The Polar Vortex hit us hard and we spent 3 days stuck inside while the wind blew, the snow fell and the temperatures plummeted. Thank God our furnace  kept up and we were all toasty warm inside. 
We watched a lot of TV , I crocheted a bunch, I cooked way too much and some art was done :) 
I'm doing LifeBook 2014 this year :) ! 

My wonderful hubby bought it for me for Christmas. The man loves me ♥
So after figuring out how to download and  save the videos to an external source ( the the quickest on techy stuff here) I started the classes. First there was a warm up and I got this amazing background page done....

There was more to this lesson but I was too anxious to get to the "REAL" lesson :) so i skipped ahead. 
This was my first painting. My Art Guardian...which is the Falcon and not the girl but I just had to do the girl too :) 
You'll notice my word for the year is there too to help guide me through the year and the class. 
I'm also doing another class with  Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal  "Rainbow Ghost Girls"
so here are a couple of sketches here from that class....

...most of the work from that class is being done in one of my art journals .
Then here are some of the other things I worked on while being stuck inside for most of the week  

Can't show the crochet work because it is a gift and don't want someone to see it yet :) 
So I've kept myself busy and kind of out of trouble this week. 
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Paint Party Friday


  1. Lots of fab work here Carol. Stay warm. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Lovely work, have fun with the classes. Glad you stayed home in the cold weather. Valerie

  3. Carol....IMPRESSIVE!! You are starting this year amazingly!! Wow ...I love everything you are doing!! Fantastic these courses must be a great inspiration!! You have obviously released something....all your amazing talent maybe? Good job and thanks for sharing...a fun day!! Stay warm!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. You've been busy during your "snow imprisonment" time. I love the sketches

  5. My computer acts on its own sometimes and it eliminated the rest off my sentence. I also said that I really love the girl who is with your falcon.

  6. Lots of great sketching! I especially like your doodly flowery sketches. I love being snowed in and free to read and do art for the day.

  7. Good Morning Carol! The Falcon is awesome and I have borrowed your guide word, release. Oooo the filigree doodles are back!!! The polar vortex was the devil!

  8. You are one busy young lady! Love everything you are doing and you sound very excited about it. Good for you with the classes. Have fun and thanks for the b/wishes.) Glad you are warm and cuddly in your home, take care.

  9. wow-really fabulous drawings and paintings! Nothing like a good class or two to bring a renewed energy to your art :)

  10. These are simply wonderful. I like them all!!!! Well done