Friday, April 11, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Friday Again!
Time is zipping by without me even realizing it. I totally missed last weeks party....I was playing outside in the garden and zoned right out :) 
Now a lot of art going on here  a few pages in my garden journal and some doodling.
 I've planted  a rather large selection of seeds already this year. Some started indoors and some direct planted outdoors. I can barely wait to see all of the color :) 

I have an addiction to Sunflowers and Dandelions. I'm probably the only person in my subdivision that saves and actually  plants dandelion seeds. 

I've also found a new crochet pattern that I am totally addicted to. It's a ruffled scarf pattern using a a single strand of yarn and not one of the newer yarns that are made to ruffle. Most of these scarves will be donated to charity. 

Only one doodle this week since I've been mostly crocheting on my lunch hours.

Today's thoughts....

As always don't forget to click on the Paint Party Friday link in my sidebar.... lots and lots of majorly cool artist there who share amazing work every week :) ♥


  1. Love your post this week, Carol. Your words are wise and your art is beautiful.

  2. Your post is exciting to me. I feel like I want to get outside right now-and I will as soon as I get off the computer. Well I do have clothes to fold and beans to cook, but I will get out there. Very nice crochet and love your pages in your book. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your scarves are beautiful, and that doodle is magnificent!

    Care to share where we can find the crochet pattern? :D

  4. Here is the pattern I used for the scarves... I did not use the yarn listed in the pattern...I used what ever I have on hand :)

    1. You'll have to copy and paste the link.... sorry :(

  5. Beautiful work Carol...but don't tell your neighbors about your dandelion Many people find them an nemesis...however when my mom was dying I thought they were beautiful because they were alive!! Great doodle and fun scarves!! Love the quote you posted..just perfect!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Good Morning Carol! It has been beautiful here this week and now maybe some rain tomorrow! I can see why you have been outside, us too! Love the doodle and the knitted scarves. We just let our dandelions riot during the Spring!

  7. Hope you are having dandelion greens and dandelion fritters for lunch !

  8. lovely inspiring words Carol and fab pages. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. I got lost in thinking while reading the ending thoughts of the day. How true and a reminder for me. Thank you so much for posting those. It made a very strong impact on me today which was something I really needed.

    I love all kinds of flowers and nature's colors although I have never planted dandelion seeds, that is a new one for me.

    Your doodle is awesome and I think it is so sweet that you are enjoying making the scarfs and then to donate them. You have a loving heart! Have a wonderful weekend. Rasz

  10. Wow! surely enjoyed visiting, have a nice weekend

    much love...

  11. Wonderful paintings, quotes and scarves. Are those scarves difficult to make? Valerie

  12. Carol,

    Dandelions and Sunflowers are my addiction too and I did buy some Russian giants to plant this year. I love them when they are living and when they die ,Sunflowers and Dandelions seem to age so gracefully, always beautiful. Love the fact you collect the seeds, I may do the same down the road if my next home doesn't have any.
    Love the scarfs, the quotes and totally agree on the fingers : ) Enjoy the sun and rain and your very dirty fingers, nothing like spending time in the garden!

    Annabelle : )

  13. Oh yay! I love dandelions. They are so bright and cheery! I love your sunflower, and your doodle is fantastic.

  14. Wonderful work this week Carol! LOVE those scarves! And your doodle is awesome again. Loving all the wonderful flowers in your journal, one can really see spring has come into you ;-)

  15. Love all your work this week - I haven't been too fond of the ruffled scarves I've seen - but I really like yours. I don't like dandelions though - although I do like paintings of them

  16. I think it's good to miss some time in the computer chair if you can go outside and plant things! The computer will still be there. :D I love the flowers, especially that purple one with all the colors!