Monday, February 29, 2016

"T" Stands for Tuesday & 29 Faces in February

Hello my Tuesday friends!!! 
It's the last day of February and a special day at that. :0) 
It's the odd extra day of the month that happens every two years and it's the end of 29 Faces in February . 
I've been super busy this past week getting all of my faces done for the month and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. I've cleaned a couple of flower beds and have started getting my winter sown pots ready to put out. I am worried that they may do as well this year because it has been so warm. Only time will tell. 
Starting next week I have a friends 15 year old son coming over to help with the heavy stuff that needs to be done outside. I'm really excited to have his help and to be able to give him a little bit of extra spending money. 
Now to the art.... 
Day 23
I used a challenge word from another group I belong to as inspiration for this one . The word was fear and she looked scared in the pencil sketch but not as much in the painting but I like her anyhow. 
Day 24 
He was inspired by  a fantasy book I'm reading that has lots of wizards, elves, goblins and all of the others that usually inhabit a fantasy book. I haven't read one for years and I'm really enjoying this one. 
Day 25 
I decided I needed to do a Buddha as we had received some unpleasant health news about my  husband and needed a calming experience. 
Day 26 
An Elf Wizard bet ya know where this one came from :0) 
Day 27 
Another Elf... a older elf of 3000 years who's starting to show her age a bit. She also has magical healing powers. 
Day 28 
A Butterfly Princess....because I have summer and butterflies of the brain this month ♥
Day 29 
A self portrait. Which was also a challenge from another group. My husband likes it so maybe I'll try to paint it too. I used this photo as a reference.
Taken at my daughters back in January. 
So now the 29 Faces is over...but I will be painting some of the sketches over the summer. I've already started on the Butterfly Princess.
Here's a couple of Random Thoughts for you..

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  1. Loved all those faces, Carol. I don't see how you do all that, work full time, and work in your garden, too. I think I need to hire someone to help me get my garden going this year, too. I want to plant a few things this year in the ground, not just in pots.

    Thanks for joining us for T this week with your incredible faces. I suspect you are glad the challenge is over, though.

  2. Wonderful photos and art, glad you will be having help in the garden. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. your face paintings are wonderful, but your selfportrait is a hoot!! i love the photo of you and the drawing is incredible!!
    and, as always, thanks for the quotes:)

    have a great t-day and rest of the week!

  4. Oh Carol, I love your hair! And you look so beautiful and peaceful.

    Thank you for this February, it's been great to visit your blog and get inspiration! In this post, besides your self portrait, I just love the elves, they look so full of wisdom!

    You're getting spring, maybe we do also in Finland in a month or so. Towards light and sun!

  5. Amazing faces - your artsy faces and the nice faces on the photos!
    Happy T Day Carol!

  6. Wow, you kept up with the 29 faces. Well done! They are beautiful, each one totally different.
    What book are you reading?
    Your self portrait is awesome. No wonder your hubby likes it.
    Happy T-day,

  7. Gorgeous faces. And you look so pretty in that gorgeous white top. A good choice for you. happy T Day!

  8. I admire anyone who attempts or completes as you did the 29 faces challenge. I really like the butterfly girl and your self portrait.
    Glad you will have some help in your garden this year--at least to do the heavy things! Happy T Day!

  9. wow Carol, you did an awesome job with all your faces! I can see why hubby likes your self portrait-it's wonderful. Sorry about his health news but I do hope it's something that can be healed and taken care of. You must be excited to be starting garden work again! Enjoy, and happy T day!

  10. Amazing faces! So awesome. Health and healing to you and yours.

  11. you've made a very good likeness of yourself! and love your fantasy inspired faces! healing and calming hopes coming your way for your hubby... happy T day!

  12. Oh what fun faces! And your self-portrait is really good.
    Hope your hubby will be okay!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Oh Wow! Your portraits are all just so incredible! I suppose I need to practice more!! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. I love the Buddha and hope it helped with calming the news about your husband's health. Hope all will be okay. I really love all your faces and the self portrait is cool!

  15. What an array of wonderful faces Carol!
    Day 23 made me think how we sometimes hide our fears and you translated that from sketch to painting?
    Your self portrait is lovely! Your husband was right it's a keeper. Sending prayers for healing and better news for your husband.
    Your teenage helper sounds like a great arrangement for both of you.
    Take care oxo