Thursday, January 26, 2017


It's amazing how quickly the week as slipped by for me. It's been a good week and a productive week. With lots of art started and finished. 
Earlier in the week I shared some of it on my other blog.
One of the pieces I did was a characterization of Trump and started listing negative descriptions of him on the background. 

He was not my choice for President. 

After finishing it and posting it  I realized that I had used the wrong journal for it and it had ended up in my 
"Colour Me Positive" 
journal and that did not make me happy. The more I thought about it the more the whole thing made me unhappy. My art is my sacred place and I didn't feel good about having that negative piece in any journal but especially that one. 
So today I painted over it .... Doing another 
Rainbow Warrior Dream Catcher 
over it. 
Before I painted over it I wrote positive messages all over the page with a black marker. 
Kindness Matters
Peace to ALL 
these were just a few of the things I wrote. 
Little messages to our President on how  I feel things really need to be.  
Then I painted over all of that with wild colors and lines. 
Paint so thick it took forever to dry :) 
...but OH MY!!! the lovely textures!♥♥♥
After looking at it on this page I decided to add a bit more details to make the feathers "POP" ♥
So now it's done... I've done three different  Rainbow Warrior DreamCatchers this week and I love the whole process. I see many more coming in the future.

Today's Random Thoughts


  1. :) Colorful, beautiful way to turn things around.
    He was not my choice, either.

  2. I LOVE that you smothered Trump and his negativity and replaced it with a feathery dream catcher - WOW!!!!!Let's hope the cosmos picks up your idea. Hugs, Valerie

  3. That's gorgeous Carol. I love all the colors-they make me very happy! I hope they make you feel better than the Trump painting. Happy Friday and Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  4. I like Valerie-Jael's comment and agree! Your dreamcatchers are a joy!

  5. Lovely and creative work, Carol ~ so glad you turned the negative into a beautiful positive ~ thanks. ( I feel the same way about our New President ~ more like 'henchman' ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Fun weekend ~ ^_^

  6. I did not want Trump for president either.
    But you absolutely turned a negative into a gorgeous POSITIVE!
    I am a third Cherokee and I love Dreamcatchers...this one is stunning~

    Happy PPF!!!


  7. I do love this dreamcatcher Carol. Happy PPF!

  8. the end result was awesome! must be a message from the whole process somehow-love the piece!

  9. I had to take a look at your other blog to see what you made of Trump. He looked so much better in your piece than in real life, he almost looked kind and friendly. How different it would be if he actually was... Loved how you did his hair :-D It must've been cathartic for you to put thick blotches op paint on top of him and make him disappear underneath positive messages and rainbow colours. You rock :-)

  10. I am so glad you painted over dt. He has no place in your journals at all. This is beautiful and full of peace.

  11. Hello Carol, I love how you dealt with the negative feel in your journal - you created an extra special piece. Cheers :D)