Friday, January 13, 2017


and the sliding is a real thing around here today. We are in an ice storm that has crippled  a great portion of the Midwest and it's only the first day of a 3 day storm. 
It's scary out there!
I was in the process of getting ready to go to work and just decided it wasn't worth it... good call because 45 min. later we were covered with a thin layer of ice. Thin is all it takes! 
So I've finished with the last of the storm preparations.... made a big pot of beef stew and a pan of quick bread. Now I can set back and do fun things while we wait out the storm and just pray that the power stays on. 

This weeks art is another painting inspired by the Mindy Lacefield  class I'm taking. 
This time I started with an old canvas 
from way back when.... 
... and started slapping layers of paint and marks on it. 
Forgot to take photos of that stage :-( 
Then drew in  the figures I wanted to do. ...
... more background paint and started on the figures...
.... then decided to go a different route with her hair...
.... not liking it all that much....
.... back to more hair again.... but not liking the drippy background...
....liking it more.... adding some details ...
...and still more...
.... and now I'm calling her done.  I think... I'll put her on the wall in the studio and see what happens with her. I'm still battling with staying loose. But it more loose than my normal so it's an improvement. :-) 
 Some random Thoughts for today....

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  1. I laughed out loud about the Bermuda Triangle b/c that's they way I feel half the time. LOL! I loved looking at the process of completing the gorgeous and colorful painting. It is loose. You achieved a good looseness as you kept the face tighter. And I love that sweet face and the golden streaks in the hair. good job. Stay inside and play if you can. It's not worth broken bones to get out when it's icy.

  2. Wonderful make-over of the old painting, looks great. Stay warm and safe at home, and hope your hubby is doing well. Love those funnies, hugs, Valerie

  3. Gorgeous make over, I so like the colours and the composition.

    Love and hugs

  4. I love seeing the process. Great work!

  5. Oh I love Her ~ she is wonderful
    and amazing results through the process ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  6. an amazing finish to your piece after all the layers of trial and error. I love the sweet look on the animal's face. heard about those ice storms.Yes, I would have definitely stayed in too! Ha ha-love the Bermuda triangle funny:) Happy PPF and have a good weekend.

  7. Loved all the progress shots and your decisions about the hair! Reminds me that it's OK to change your mind halfway through and go in another direction :)

  8. Your Bermuda Triangle quote makes me giggle. I always say the info is in there it's just the retrieval that is tricky ;-)
    Such fun to see your creative process Carol!
    Your painting is wonderful and all the richer with so many colorful and yummy layers.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  9. Oh Carol I love your little girl. You can see she is Mindy inspired yet still your own style. That is very hard to accomplish. Very well done!! Love the Bermuda triangle joke, isn't that everyone over 50?

    Hugs Giggles

  10. It is fun to see the stages of your piece. Quite the evolution! A storm is perfect inspiration to stay home and enjoy art.

  11. You were right to stay home in that kind of weather. Your art is part of you and the expression of what is inside. I love this girls colorful passion.

  12. Love seeing her with her different hairdo's :-) It's so much more fun painting than going out in a storm, isn't it!

  13. I love seeing your art Carol and hope the storm doesn't cause your power to go out. But it is fun to have a stormy day to play and create.

  14. What a vibrant and lovely painting! It sounds like you're prepared for the storm. What a great idea to paint for at least 15 minutes a day...