Friday, July 10, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and time to 
Not a whole lot going on here this week....
rain, rain, and more rain :( 
Yesterday afternoon finally tried to be sunny and it did stop raining . 
Thinking this was my chance to get some of the monster weeds pulled I headed to the driveway flower bed.....
after just a few minutes I disturbed a wasp nest and got stung 3 times on my right hand. 
This was my hand this morning ..
So the painting I was planning to finish today didn't get done. 
I did go and get a steroid shot and some steroid pills and it much better tonight. This morning I couldn't hardly type much less hold a brush. 
One garden shot before the sting :) 
Here's the tomatoes on Wednesday...

Lots of green ones that are very slightly starting to turn ...but just not enough sunshine. The forecast for the nest 4 days is heat and sun... so just maybe we'll have ripe tomatoes :) 
This is my art for Summer of Color 5 
Two greens and a pink. The darkest colors on the page are a dark forest green then a spring green and rose pink. 
This is my WIP a sketch I did in July of 2014... It didn't scan well but there is more shading on the face. 
I did manage to get a few layers on yesterday but today was a no go....
So she'll get finished another day .
Today's Random Thoughts

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My internet service is getting slower and slower so it may be a few before I get to everyone :) 


  1. Oh I am so sorry about your hand, wasp stings are always so unpleasant and painful. Feel better soon, Sweetie. Glad you managed to get some things done before those wasps got you! Take care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful SOC-entry!
    Wish you'll be recovered soon!

  3. Oh my goodness. Ouch is right! I hope your hand heals quickly and that you can pick up your brushes soon! Your tomatoes look amazing - we have some growing, too. There's nothing like fresh tomatoes, right?! And I love what you created for SOC this week! Your art journal page is beatiful!!! Take care!!!!

  4. Ouch, your hand looks so painful!!! Hope you heal up quickly. Love your pink and green creation and the girl is beautiful. The tomatoes look great too!

  5. Ohh, Carol, you poor thing!! Stings are just awfully painful. I've been stung five times in my life so far, and know that one at a time is painful enough. I hope your hand is much better today.
    Your garden is looking smashing, and if your tomatoes don't ripen, you can always make green chutney, which is delicious. Your SOC piece is gorgeous. And your 'thoughts' are appreciated. {{Hugs}}

  6. Oh dear, your hand and arm look so painful....I to think your garden is beautiful, and so in your green and pink entry.

  7. Holy cow, Carol. I can't believe that hand. Glad you went to the doctor at least. I hope it gets better soon.

    You did a fantastic job with your SOC colors this week. The colors you chose for each flower was lovely. Did you use a compass to get those perfect circles? I'd never be able to do that, even if I used a plate or something similar.

    BTW, I hope some of your "men" will relieve you of cooking and working in the garden. It's been raining here, too. We've even had floods right here in Wichita.

  8. Oh wow-that is one VERY SWOLLEN hand Carol!! I do hope the injection and all are helping you recuperate-yikes! Your garden is as lovely as ever, and your mandalas are beautiful. I am also loving the progression of your portrait!

  9. Oh so sorry about your hand...take some allergy pills too, bendadryl or whatever you have.. I got one bee sting and my arm blew up so was terrible...take care of that!! Wonderful soc entry!! Beautiful rich garden! Thanks for sharing!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  10. Carol, poor you and your hand! That is some pretty impressive swelling.. ouch! Hope you are doing better this morning. Your tomatoes look great but you are so right about our lack of sun... I think we are going to get a pretty good taste of heat, humidity, and sun this week. We are fighting spider mites, if they kill my junipers I am going to get a cranky! Spider mites and Japanese Beetles... bah!

  11. ooh poor you, that looks painful! My daughter was stung underneath her foot by a bee and that hurt for a few days.... Good that you were able to finish your SOC-piece, it looks great! Love this combination of colors! Hope your hand will heal fast, so you can finish that WIP!

  12. Hi Carol. Sorry about your hand. Looks painful. Hope it heals soon. Great job with the colors for SOC. Love your tomatoes. I love tomato sandwiches with mayo.:) Have a great week Carol and as I said I hope your hand heals fast. Awesome job on all your work.

  13. Oh, Carol ~ so, so, so sorry about your altercation with the wasps!

    I trust you're mending and healing well, and I hope you're back to enJOYing your gardens and your art ~ if not already, then SOON!

  14. So sorry for your hand Carol! Get well soon !

  15. ouch ouch ouch :(

    nice work for SOC tho :)

  16. Oh no your poor hand!! That must have been terrible! Your summer of colour piece is lovely though!