Friday, March 27, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Friday Again :) 
Just want to give a shout out to Eva & Kristin for continuing to host this event year after year for 5 years and 3 weeks now. WOW!!!! 
My forever WIP is finally done :0) 
Here she was last week...
... and here she is now... with just subtle changes and shadings to finish her off...
" Gathering Spring Flowers" 
I also played with the "Gelli Plate" a bit this week. Printing a few more blank note-cards.

Then got out the gell pens and some ink and brushes and enhanced a couple of them...

...I'ms till on a learning curve with this process :) 
The weather was lovely here most of the week until yesterday and the temps dropped AGAIN :(  There was frost on the deck this morning and I haven't stuck my head outside to see what if any damage occurred with the plants. Supposed to be even colder tonight so I'll be tossing some blankets and sheets on some of the  more tender plants. 
I did too much in the garden on Monday ... it was beautiful out and I just couldn't stop.
 My constant companion who is more often in the way than anything... he turned 6 this week. 
Bales of straw placed in the veggie and herb garden waiting for the warmer weather to start the conditioning process. I will probably get at least one more truck load of straw before the season really begins and I still have  post and support wires to add to most of them. 
So the rest of the week was very laid back and mostly staying inside to stay out of trouble :) 
Random Thoughts for Today..


  1. Your finished painting is stunning, it has such a dream-like quality to it - BIG WOW!! Love the gelli prints, too. You are always busy in the garden, too, good for you, but take good care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I so love the quotes you find Carol. They somehow always manage to inspire me. Thank you for that. Love your finished painting, great job on it. I like what you are doing with the gelli prints. I wouldn't know where to begin. Keep it up and love your pal that is gardening with you. Take care.

  3. Beautiful painting and I love your geli print piece...just wonderful work!! Great quotes and the photos of your handsome helper too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Gorgeous painting-your girl is like a magical fairy wandering in a beautiful flower garden! Love your gelli plate cards too.

  5. I love her... the colors, her hair, her dress! The note cards are sweet. We have covered for two nights now and will have to again tonight. Enjoy your Saturday Carol!

  6. You finished your WIP in the best possible way. Those few subtle changes were just what it needed, it turned out beautiful: mysterious and dreamy and happy. Love it ♥

  7. I love that painting - so much movement - it's fabulous

  8. I love "Gathering Spring Flowers" ~ so lovely and a sweet honor to the season! I must admit ... I have a touch of envy for your garden ... mine is still covered with snow and the earth still too frozen for any planting. Well, yesterday. I gotta get back out there to see if I can get some pea, spinach and other seeds in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!