Friday, March 13, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's a Milestone Friday!!! 
A birthday party of the fabulous kind ♥
Celebrating FOUR YEARS of great adventures in our little corner of the  art world! 
For keeping the dream alive and strong!

This weeks art is minimal here.. I've been taking advantage of the very warm days to get the yard cleaned up and ready for the real Spring planting season. More to do than  normal this year because of being injured last year and unable to do the fall chores. 
I did get some progress on the WIP I've been sharing the past few weeks. 
Here's where she was last week....

.... and here she is today....

She's not finished yet but she is definitely finally taking shape. 
Here's a couple of garden pictures for those who are interested.
..before much clean up work...
  ...then after much pulling and finally burning off the weeds...

I was lucky enough to get cardboard and black plastic down on a big chunk of it last fall and that part is looking great as I pull the plastic back to check it out. I'll cover it back up until planting time so the weeds don't try to move back in. 
Random thought's for the day....

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  1. Wonderful artwork and photos!! Wow that is a gorgeous piece of property!! What a lot of yard work you accomplished! Good job! Awesome quotes...I so agree with them!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love how the painting is coming along, and you were really busy in the garden, just fantastic what you have managed to do! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I love her! She is so flowing.. free! We have been uncovering all that is under the fall leaves. Lots of green! Enjoy your weekend Carol!

  4. What a lovely painting and great what you all did make in your fab garden!
    Wished I were that busy as well.. but here it is still to cold and wet to do much outdoor.

  5. Love what you have done with your piece. Yes it is that time and I too look forward to this time of year. Have a great day Carol. The quotes always have an impact on me. Thanks.

  6. I LOVE where your painting is taking you Carol! Your garden is really shaping up nicely. Love the quotes too. Happy PPF!

  7. Oh, I love the way your painting is progressing. That garden looks like it was a LOT of work! Bet you're glad that's finished :-)

  8. Carol, first, I love the way the WIP is progressing. Very exciting so far. And second, your clean up job is wonderful. Please come help me!!!