Friday, March 20, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Hello Friday Lovers :) 
It was a crazy busy week here with lots of creative stuff and gardening happening. 
First off though BIG CONGRATS! to 
Linda K 
I know you will love spending that gift card :) 
So happy that Kristin and Eva still keep our fantastic group going week after week ♥
First off I did a little bit more work on my never ending WIP.....
...and no she hasn't said she's finished yet. 
Then I worked on getting things ready to make my Spring Equinox DreamWheel.
I had a vision early in the week that it would go something like this....
... with lots of photos of plants and art and healthy living and food. 
Then when I actually started it  she went like this....
....and then like this....
She ended up on my wall like this...
.... she hangs above my desk  where I have had a Dreamboard I made a couple of years ago hanging...actually I just hung the new one right over the other one. 
Here's the older one... I set here looking at the new one I see where I want to add a few words here and there :) So I guess it's another WIP :) 
I share  my Creative Space with my husband. He gets a small corner of the room and most of one wall. My "STUFF" just seems to take over everything. :0) 
I've been working on reorganizing a bit and this week I bought a wonderful little helper...
... I can roll it around where ever I need it . 
I even rolled it out to the kitchen this morning to work on my DreamWheel on the center island. I may just have to buy another one to keep in the kitchen :) 
Some Random Thought's for Today

... because we can't always be serious....

So don't forget to click on the Party button on my sidebar to see all the eye candy that will be there this week :) 


  1. I have that exact same cart and LOVE LOVE LOVE it too, and want a second one as well! It's my favorite thing! Glad you got one. I have tried many things for art supplies.. I have carry bags that are perfect and tidy...but nothing like this!! Great vision board and quotes!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. You are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  3. You look like its been a busy art week-and gardening? I am so jealous.

  4. Carol, I love the roll-around cart. What a wonderful way to keep things organized. You have a darling bunch of owls!

  5. great art week Carol, I will buy such a cart at Ikea I decided... as a friend of mine is very happy with it as well!

  6. Love what you have made, those boards are a fantastic idea, too. Your WIP is progressing really well. The little cart is great, I am sure I could use one of those, too! Have a great weekend, take care, hugs, Valerie

  7. I love that cart. It comes in handy. I think the idea of your boards is great. Nice job!

  8. Good Morning Carol! I love her more every time I see her... your WIP. Love the little owls too! Enjoy your Saturday.. It's going to be beautiful!

  9. that cart is a great way to keep organized and move your supplies with you. Thanks for the congrats-what a surprise-and you bet I'm going to have a good time shopping for some new art supplies:) Your dream boards are wonderful, and it's something I keep saying I'm going to do yet nothing has materialized yet...LOVE the owls!! Have a great weekend carol!

  10. That WIP looks almost finished, no? I already love it as it is! And your little helper ... ooh, I would love to get that in my studio :-)

  11. great projects you're working one. Love it! :)