Friday, April 3, 2015

Paint Party Friday and Art Journal Journey

Hello Friday Friends!!!
It's been a high activity week here and now it's going to be a pay for it weekend :) 
But I don't mind because I accomplished what planned for the week and a few (feels like all) sore muscle is worth the price. (well maybe ) 
First the art.... 
I have a new WIP canvas going. 
 It started with a bunch of paper towels I brought home from work. back when I worked in the paint dept. We would wipe our fingers off after dabbing the colors on the paint cans when customers order paint. 
I tore them up and glued them down on a 
11" X 14" canvas.  
Then I added some random color.... and then some texture...
.... waiting to see where she goes from here :) 
I also worked in an art journal this week too. 
Favorite poems and quotes is the theme this month at Art Journal Journey. I used to write poems when I was younger and had more functioning brain cells. I decided to see if I used some of those old cells I might be able to write again at least once in a while. 
So here is my  April Rains poem and journal page....
.... not the greatest poem ever written but not bad for jump starting long dead brain cells. 
I found an old card I had done back in 2012 that I hated at the time but didn't throw it out for some strange reason... some point in time I had doodled on the background to try and save didn't work . So now I'm going to try and repaint the face and see what happens...

...those green eyes just don't want to go away so it will be interesting to see what happens as I add more layers of paint. The card just may end up weighing to much to every mail :) 
The reason for all of the sore muscle was the pounding in of 6 fence post for the veggie garden and the spreading of black mulch for the front flower beds... pictures of those fence post but I think they are the responsible devils for the muscle pains :) 
Random Thoughts for Today...



  1. Wow, you have done a lot this week, wish i could sa the same. Your new WIP looks good, and I love the piece with the poem you made for Art Journal Journey, really gorgeous - you have a lot of talent! Hope you manage to get some rst over the weekend and ease those aching muscles! Hugs, Valerie

  2. You were so busy Carol! All looks so fab! Thank you for joining us at AJJ with such a fab page!
    Take care !

  3. The black mulch looks nice down... that is hard work. Your work in progress will be interesting to keep an eye on. I like the journal page! Enjoy your Easter Holiday Carol. Happy Easter!

  4. Great post, Carol. Your garden looks fantastic. Anyway, I love the spontaneity of using the finger smudges. Lovely WIP.

  5. I like those finger smudges you did. Great job. Yes it is hard work to maintain a garden but well worth it. Have a great day and a Happy Easter.

  6. Ooh love the new canvas wip....very pretty and nice recycling on the paper towel from work!!! Also love the background of the revamped girl, can't wait to see how it all finishes up....Wonderful garden also will be nice to see it evolve again this year!! Great quotes and poem too!! You did A LOT!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I love those paper towels! Such a great idea to use them for your new canvas. And I love how you wrote your poem. Fits the background perfectly....

  8. All is borning again in spring, like after storms and rain, as You tell so wonderfully in Your poem and painting.
    I like spring very much, I awake up as all nature.
    Thank You :-)

  9. I love your enthusiasm. For life! All of it!