Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday already ?! 
The days are really flying by again. 
It's crazy busy in the garden and in the house this month. 
The sun has really warmed up here finally and everything is growing at a break neck speed. The daffy's are pretty much all gone but the wild flowers in the woods are popping up everywhere. 

The Lilacs are blooming and the yard smells  so good. 
I've added several layers to the WIP canvas... 
... it still has lots of work to be done yet. 
The card I started reworking is done though. 
Here it is again the way I finished it in 2012.
I laid a piece of deli paper over it and sketched out what I thought I would do with it.... then started covering the original face with gesso...

Then I got so involved in the painting process that I forgot to take progress photos. Her she is now. 
Last week a couple of people said they missed the green eyes on the face I reworked. After thinking about it  a bit I decided to put them back so here she is now. I like her better with green eyes too. 

So that's the art for this week. Thanks for stopping by :) 
Today's Random Thought...
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  1. Your lady is looking great. I love green eyes, too. The garden and your WIP are coming along nicely. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous garden pics and your girl looks great!
    Happy PPF!

  3. I like the green eyes too! The wildflowers are going crazy here too... so are the weeds! :)

  4. Love that quote by my favorite artist Van Gogh. Your garden pics. are wonderful. Love what you've done with your girl. I like the green eyes as well. Take care:)

  5. such lovely
    love how you fixed the one piece
    your flowers, painting and photos are beautiful

  6. Wow you accomplished a lot!! Good for you! Love the new layers on the wip and the lilacs...they are out here too!! I like your revamped art cards...very nice!! I have often done that to pieces I'm not happy with!! Good job! Great quote too!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. it's amazing, she completely changed! The green eyes on the other one are very pretty, and your garden: oh, would love to wander around in there .....

  8. wow- the plastic surgery has done wonders-she looks so happy and vibrant now!! :) My lilacs (which are double whites) only have leaves beginning to bud so it's going to be awhile. I do love the scent they send out in the yard but I can't bring any indoors lest I want to be constantly sneezing. beautiful canvas you're working on too.