Saturday, July 9, 2016


My days are all screwed up this week. :( 
Whenever we have a Holiday and my husband is off on Mondays the rest of the week is all messed up for me. My schedule varies every week but his is a Mon-Fri. job that keeps me straight . Unless he's off. 
Still not a lot of art going's summer and I'm an outdoor girl. 
We finally got a lot of rain and cool weather so I have been working outside pulling weeds and transplanting self sown perennials. 
Love it ♥ 
I did do another painted rock...
... and started a ACEO/ATC ...
... the rocks I buy at Home Depot back in the garden section. They are beach rocks and are about $12 a bag but they will sell the busted bags for half price  so I grabbed one. Not all of the rocks are face shaped but a great many of them are. :) 
The flowers are doing well and  we're eating zucchini out of the veggie garden. It will be a while before we have anything else since it was so late going in. 

A couple of people have commented on the Passion Vine Flower and wanted more photos. So there the are :0 the last photo is one of the vines growing up a trellis. They don't look as pretty today as the ~*#@ Japanese Beetles have arrived and they just love the flowers and vine.  Not to mention the Plum tree leaves which they have nearly eaten all of . The attack the plums every year and before I realized how much damage they were doing the trees where beyond hope. Two have already died and the other two will probably go this winter. 
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  1. It's amazing what you can pick up at 'non-art' stores and use creatively. Sounds like you got a bargain. Your garden looks lovely, too. Ours is soggy at the moment as we have rain, rain, and more rain!

  2. Those vines are pretty, and what a shame that Japanese beetle has done so much damage in your garden. The painted rocks are lovely, must try that one day, there are always stones at the Rhine. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  3. you rock looks good :)

    Our Passion flower is only about 6 inches right now, hoping it doesn't die on us lol

    PPF #49

  4. Oh great, I love your rock :-) I often find it very exciting trying to make (weird) faces out of strange-shaped rocks, so you might be able to use all of them. That flower is just amazing ....

  5. Sorry I am late getting here Carol, we haven't had internet since Thursday morning early after lightning took out our Dish and the internet... second time this year! Love the frilly passion flower and the painted rock. We are still fighting Japanese Beetles, they have done a job on our crepe myrtles and "hibiscuits" !!!

  6. Carol, I love the faces on the rocks! You found some great face shaped ones and prettied them up real nice! The passion flowers photos are beautiful. I remember them as a child. We played like they were ballerinas.