Friday, July 22, 2016

Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Journey

Welcome my Friday Friends! 
It's been a hot week here so more time spent inside than outside. Which translates to more art and catching up on housework. 
First I'd like to congratulate 

for being chosen the featured artist this week. Her tales of BigBig are so cute and she does the greatest drawings to go with them. 

Thanks again to Eva & Kristin for all of their work every week to keep us going. ♥ 
I finished the Tomato Worm page in my 
Wild Things Journal .

Then I worked on a collage for the same journal. 
It started with a background I had laying around.  
Then I did a green wash over it and started adding magazine pictures I'd torn out and painted on some leaves. 
I then extended the tree to the top of the page by painting the rough bark texture. 
Then I added the words to the page .

               We have several dead trees in our wooded area. We leave them standing unless the pose a danger to buildings, power lines and things like that. Then we cut down the major part of the tree and leave the trunk standing. You can do so much with these standing trunks. Attach a bird house or a piece of garden art or just let it stand and rot away. 

        I keep telling myself that I'm going to fill some of the holes in this tree trunk and plant flowers but I haven't gotten there yet.       
        This birdhouse will have to be moved soon as the small trunk it's attached to has become unstable. The birdhouse needs a fresh coat of paint too. :) 
 Today's Random Thoughts  

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  1. Lovely creations here ~ love them all ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. Love the journal page and collage, really good. Good idea with the tree trunks, too, thanks for sharing the photos. I sent post off to you today, will take at least a week! Hugs, Valerie

  3. And thanks for joining us at AJJ!

  4. wonderful collage art carol! I too will be mostly indoors this weekend (low 100's expected). I love summer and hot but this is a bit too much -even for me:)Have a great weekend!

  5. Awesome art pages. The tree trucks look like wood sculptures in your garden.

  6. What amazing journal art! I love how you extended the bark of the trees. I also love that you let the tree trunks be there for the nature in your yard.

  7. I am totally entranced with the way you put that second collage together. The piece turned out to be absolutely stunning. You made a dead tree scene look beautiful. I think it is so neat you have a Wild Things Journal. My granddaughter would love it. Such a unique idea. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. genie

  8. Carol, fantastic journal pages. I love how you matched the top portion of the tree trunk. You are so-o talented. The bark looks the same and what was already there! And I enjoyed seeing your clever use of tree leftovers.

  9. I am in awe of your tomato worm. Not something I want in my garden, but still a lovely drawing.

    I enjoyed the adorable dead tree. I know that one would fill nicely. Thanks for sharing photos of it, too.

    BTW, I am in awe of that quote about simple things being sacred things. It really spoke to me.

  10. Love your wild things journal! CH always has the stumps ground up.. :( Going to be hot but a bit of a cool down on the way... I will take it!

  11. An AMAZING journal page and the collag is great as well Carol!
    Happy belated PPF and thanks a lot for joining Art Journal Journey again!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  12. Your ode or woe to the caterpillars is wonderful Carol.
    Hope they are under control now.
    WOW on your painted bark! Such a lovely collage in every detail. (I was playing with overpainting a newspaper image of a lady wish I'd had great results like you did!)
    Brilliant idea about leaving the trees and such with a chance to go back to the earth.
    We had to move a woodpile that was out of control and we came upon a colony of handsome black leathery looking click beetles. We relocated as many of them as we could. They liked the old wood on the bottom VERY much.
    Fab church birdhouse ... your yard has to be a nature magnet.
    Stay cool jewel!
    It's going to feel like 108 here today...I am firmly planted indoors.

  13. Nice work I especially love the wild things pages. I love wild things.

  14. You collages is wonderful...I love the texture and how real it all looks! Those tree stumps looks like works of art in natures! Truly special!! Love the quote about simple things...that is me to a tee!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Your garden is just so beautiful .... I love how you're using those tree-stumps! Lovely way to make your collage pieces "disappear" by extending the tree bark.

  16. great collage with lots of great different textures to it :)

    Happy PFF! :)
    Jen #45

  17. Wow a beautiful page and so effective lots of texture.