Friday, August 19, 2016

Paint Party Friday

Sliding in at the last minute here. 
It's been a roller coaster week for me and I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of it. It's happening slowly though. 
The rescue puppy that I had fallen in love with was claimed by the owner which broke my heart. After 8 days he had wormed his way into our lives. The saddest part is that I know in my gut the the owner is not a responsible pet owner and the little guy will be running loose again soon. 
My Mother also had another small stroke and spent a  3 days in the hospital. She has no permanent damage and they feel she will make a full recovery. It just frazzles us to pieces when she has one of these. 
So now I'm trying to catch up with the garden, my sleep ,my peace of mind and squeeze in a bit of art too. 
So this is what I started tonight ...
...She's not done but she's presentable at this point. This a piece from the 
Children of the Wild 
class I am taking here...

Today's Random Thoughts 

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  1. Beautiful wild child art work. Sorry to hear about your Mom, and that on top of having to give back your little found dog, it was a hard week. Get some rest, and hope the next week will be better, all the best for your Mom, hugs, Valerie

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she gets better soon. Have a blessed weekend

    much love...

  3. Hi Carol,
    I am sorry to hear about your mom. My mom had her second mini stroke last xmas. It is hard and hospitals tend to not be fun. I was lucky to have my sister with me at the time. She has been fine since.

    Your art is wonderful. I also signed up for that class and have done nothing for it, dear oh dear. Lovely weekend to you.

  4. Happy to see your other blog, which I will be following of course! :)

  5. Big hugs my friend. I am so sorry about the doggy and your mom. Take care of yourself! Children of the wild is gorgeous! Sending love and wishes for some joyful tomorrows!


  6. I like what you've started, Carol and as far as I'm concerned it could be a finished piece! Lovely face. So sorry to hear about your mother. I know it must be an anxious time for all of you. The doggy story makes me want to cry. I hope the owner has learned her lesson and will be a better caretaker. That incident sure jerked your emotions around for sure.

  7. Carol so sorry about your Mom and I can understand you being heartbroken over the owner claiming the little pupper. My thoughts did drift off to thinking how much they cared about the dog. I realize accidents happen and pets get out but it seems you were getting the feeling they may not be responsible owners. Wish you could have kept the pup.
    Love the new art!

  8. Hi Carol. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Healing energy sent to you and her. The art is amazing as always. Get some rest and be kind to yourself.

  9. I hope your mom feels much better soon. I'm sorry about the puppy. Your are that you're working on is gorgeous!