Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Butterfly Effect-Flowers

This weeks theme over at the Butterfly effect is flowers. This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new copic markers....and I LOVE THEM!!!!
So if you want to check out some other really cool art with flowers ....
hop on over and check it all out :0)


  1. All done with markers? Very cool! Love the simple but graphic design - I haven't used copic markers (just too darned expensive), but I can see that they fill in the drawing beautifully. It looks painted. Visiting from Butterfly Effect

  2. Wonderful, Carol! I love the style and shape. And sunflowers are my favorite. :)

  3. OOw OOw OOW!!! I LUUUUUURVE this :D very "William Morris" :D XXX

  4. Stems are growing so beautifully and I like background very much. You have made much work with it.
    I like this all, very nice. (Sorry my Eglish)

  5. Gorgeous! I've had the markers for a while and just recently started playing with them - I love the vibrant colors and easy shading.

  6. Hi Carol- not sure if you remember me from the "folk of art" days. Are you still selling your wonderful creations. Your flowers are fabulous.
    Jodi (aka paperfaces07410 on eBay)