Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Since February and the 29 Faces Challenge I have been obsessed with drawing faces. I was so excited when I saw that we are doing it again in May :0)
I have decided that I need to do some male faces too. So here is my first attempt at doing a male face. 
I used a magazine shot of Jason Mzar as my inspiration photo.... and I think it kinda of almost looks like him...but it definitely is a male :0) 

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  1. Lovely sketch. I find it much more difficult to sketch men than women, just don't know why! Valerie

  2. how wonderful that you are hooked, me too. I did not do that challenge but thought it a wonderful thing to do. Perhaps in May i will join in.

    wonderful sketch.

  3. Great challenge... love your sketch.. :)

  4. HI Carol,

    What a difficult challange that you did so well at. Wow! Thank you for sharing with us. :)

    Happy SS! Hugs

  5. Great job on this. Love the goatee.

  6. great sketch! I had trouble doing males till I remembered the jawline is always stronger, and the nose at times as well

  7. You did a super job on the face! I like the 2 view points.

  8. Well I think it's a great face, though I have to confess that I have no clue who Jason Mzar is!

  9. WOW!! Amazing! I know what you say about this obsession! Eheheh!