Friday, February 27, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Yes it's FRIDAY!
That wondrous day when all the beautiful people share their fantastic art with the rest of the world.....
...and then there is me...
...who is still waiting for her muse to wake up,return or what ever she must do so that I can be creative again.
This was last week....

This what it looks like today.... I stare at it every day and nothing else happens..  at least I like it so far even if it isn't finished and is very slow going. The one on the left has not changed at all since last week. since the painting thing wasn't working I decided to give gelli printing a try. The inspiration for this came when I was looking for a spice in the baking supplies and found an expired box of unflavored gelatin. I had saved a article on how to make your own gelli plate and I actually had the other ingredient to make it. 
 The bigger one was firm  and worked well ...the smaller one stayed soft and sticky . Here are two cards I printed the face of.....
... and here are just some random pages I printed on printer paper..

So Maybe if I keep playing with the gelli plate my muse will get jealous and come running back home :) 
  The Starlings are taking over the bird feeders :( I don't mind feeding them....but they try to chase away the other birds. 
This woodpecker was having done of it though and was really giving them a piece of his mind over it. 
 I started more seeds in jugs and plastic bottles for the outside "WinterSown" project....
.... started more inside in the traditional  grow flats with lights ...

... so when spring really gets here...I'll be very busy if all of these sprout and grow. 
Today's Random Thoughts....

.... and on a more serious note.....

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  1. Carol, your gelli prints turned out wonderful with your homemade gelli plate. I made a mess with unflavored gelatin when I tried it.

  2. Your gelli prints turned out very well, love them. I am sure your painting muse will be back after the weekend. Have fun with your seed project, take care of yourself. Those starlings are really greedy, when they come to my balcony they eat everything! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I think I see some muse there. Sometimes your muse is bringing out something new from you and its just not what you expect or want it to be. Great job.

  4. Muses have to have holidays too, but maybe what Erika above says is right and your Muse wanted to play with a gelli plate. I like what you have made, including making your own gelli plate.
    I love your last three photos, especially the first, the rainbow kitten, thanks for that.

  5. Love what you are doing with the gelli plate (and am very impressed that you made it). Your background is lovely. Keep us posted as it evolves.

  6. I think the art is very pretty! Love the colors and the butterfly! Stay warm Carol!

  7. Love those backgrounds! Sometimes that's just what the muse needs-is to keep making backgrounds. I know something will come of them eventually:).Gelli plate printing is such fun and a good way to just play. Thanks for the thoughts of the day!

  8. I think your paintings are coming along wonderfully, sometimes they just need a bit of time. I love your gelli pieces and look at all those seedlings! Beautiful birds too and I love the butterfly kitty...

  9. Wow, gelli prints, how fun! They are beautiful. Love the unicorn butterfly kitten!

  10. I love the orange colour you added to the painting! And that rainbow cat .... adorable :-)

  11. So much yumminess here the geli plate paintings you did....and I see a bird in the orange painting!! Love the quotes so much and what a great way to start seeds outside in those plastic containers!! Love it and thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. What fun ~ making your own gelli plates! I enjoy this kind of mono-printing so much!

    And yeah, seed starting has begun. I have more to start today. The way I figure it, there's 11 weeks to the last frost for me, and I'm looking forward to experiencing this year's thaw!