Friday, February 13, 2015

Paint Party Friday Friday-----Friday the THIRTEENTH!

Had I realized it earlier I would have put off trying several unsuccessful projects today. Especially those online tasks that just went bonkers and locked me out. I really need to pay more attention to the days and dates. Since being off work for 7 months I regularly don't know the day or date :(  I need to get more involved with living and not just  existing . 
Two weeks ago we found out that my husbands job would be gone March 6th....outsourced to another company. (  It's been hanging over our heads for about 18 months now. ) We found out 2 days ago that the new company has hired him....pending background check and drug test... Which should not be problem at all.
He is actually getting a promotion and a raise out of it so it's good. Just a little scary after 16 years with one company and at our age. Hopefully  we can both relax now and enjoy life a bit more. 
So there hasn't been very much art in the past couple of weeks... when stressed I either  go into a frenzy of art or just lock up.... this was a lock up event .
What I did get done is the background for my DreamWheel that I will be creating on the Spring Solstice. 
It's on a large poster that will go up on the wall in my art room. Replacing the one I did for the year 2013..... my years run from Spring to Spring :) 

I drew a circle on a grocery store add and painted it this I will add photos and words that relate to my goals and ambitions for the following year. 
This week I also decided to challenge myself by knitting a hat instead of crocheting one. I haven't knitted in years and was never very good at it. 
It took me four evenings and believe me there are a lot of mistakes. Thank goodness the yarn hides them well. 
This one took me one evening to crochet and felt. So most of the hats will be crocheted for sure... but I'm challenging myself to knit at least one a month .... maybe 2 if I'm feeling energetic. 
Random thoughts for today ...

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  1. You've been busy. You have a very positive attitude, I applaud you. I love that story of your first love. Very interesting.:) How sweet. Love your hat and your ongoing projects. Glad your husband will get the job and stress BE GONE.:)

  2. Wow, you are fast with the needlework! I love the hat. Happy for you all that the new job will be a promotion.

  3. Your hats are all gorgeous, love them, knitted and crocheted! Love the idea of the solstice picture. Good luck with the new job for your husband! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Good luck with the new job for hubby...
    great hats and great idea for this picture as well!

  5. So happy about your husband's new job situation, promotion, and raise. Glad it is all over for you. I lock up during stress... great description for what I am always trying to find words for. I tend to say I go all quiet which is what I do.
    Love your quote Carol! Enjoy the weekend, I think we are going to get a bit of snow!

  6. so glad things are working out for hubby's job-that IS a scary thing at our age especially. Beautiful hats , and I love the random thoughts-I feel just like that cardinal:)

  7. Oh Carol what a wonderful relief for you!! So happy hubby got a new placement! I'm sure they loved his company loyalty for all those years!! Sorry your creative mojo is on a break...but I guarantee things will flow ever better after this lull! Adorable hats though you know I just love them!! As for the soap Cupcake has ordered some fragrant oil online and is still awaiting it's arrival. I'll let you know when she makes it!! Thanks for asking!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. That background is looking great! Can't wait to see your dream wheel finished! And I looove that last picture of the cranky bird ;-)

    1. Forgot to mention that I LOVE your new header! That is such a beautiful picture ....