Friday, April 8, 2016

Once again a big 
To Kristin and Eva for all of their hard work to keep us going here week after week :) 
We'd be lost without you ♥
A varied assortment of art here this week. 
First is me journal page for the "COLOUR ME POSITIVE " challenge week 14
I had just read several articles on the plight of the Gray Wolf in America and just had to paint this handsome fellow.
From there I went to drawing on a tee shirt with Sharpies and misting with alcohol :) 
This was fun and done on a 2X size shirt and I'm only a large so it will be a comfy sleep shirt for the summer. It will have to be hand washed in cold and will still fade over time. But still a fun relaxing project ♥
Then I decided to recycle a rice bag for a snack sack for me to take to work. I only work 4 hour shifts so I don't need a full lunch but if I don't take something healthy I'll be buying something nasty out of the junk food machine.
Here's the bag...
8 inches X 12 inches 
and here it is after the first round of painting...
...decided to try a fake stitching painted around the edge...
.....HATED IT!...
... so went with this...
It's got a zipper at the top and is made of rough burlap. It's the perfect size for and apple and yogurt ..maybe throw in a little art journal or a book. Probably not the most durable lunch sack. But we eat a lot of rice and I never throw the bags out. So I can just paint up another one  or two ore three... :)

While surfing Youtube today I ran across a short film by Jodi Ohl on her 
"DIRTY FLIRTY BIRDS"  class and thought I'd give her style of birds a whirl :) 
I haven't painted anything yet but I just might have to sign up for the class cause it looks like fun..
Even though I promised myself no more classes until winter.  We'll see :) 
The Bluebirds are building a nest in one of my birdhouses :) 
Of course there is a fight every day with a sparrow type bird over the house so we're hoping the Bluebird wins ♥ They've been putting up a good fight. 

Not the best picture of the Bluebird but it a long ways from the front door and taken through the window while leaning at a strange angle :) If I open the door to get a photo they fly off :( 
Here's the bird that is trying to take over the birdhouse. 
It looks like a Junco which are usually gone north by now... but the bill and legs are dark on this guy and the Junco's are light color.  The only other bird in my book that looks like this is a Black Phoebe which is a great match but they are not normally found this far east. Who knows what the bossy little fellow is. I just hope he finds a different home soon ! The Bluebirds haven't nested here in years and I'm very excited they are back. 
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  1. Lovely post again Carol. That sleep shirt is great, what a lovely idea, and the food-sack, too. Love the idea of getting rice in a sack, never seen them here, we just get the cardboard or cellophane packaging. And the grey wolf is magnificent. Glad you had fun with those birds, too. Have a good weekend, and take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. Carol, your blog is one of the highlights of my week with your nature photos and of course, your lovely art. The snack bag is a great idea. It is too tempting to do the vending machine bit. And the oversized tee shirt painting is fantastic. May you have pleasant dreams when you wear this beautiful wearable art. Your bluebirds are fortunate to have a home of their own. Many around here built in the newspaper boxes under the mailboxes. Yes, that is a junco. Maybe he plans to stay for the summer.

  3. I just googled black phoebe and see that the black on its chest has an inverted V pattern. I am no expert on birds, but I have seen plenty of juncos in the winter. I think this guy got left behind because he was busy texting.

  4. What a lovely idea to re use the rice bag so beautifully and I like the wolf so much! Beautiful bird photos, I hope it works out!

  5. LOVE your shirt. It is gorgeous. And your other paintings are wonderful too. I especially like the wolf. And lucky you to see bluebirds. We only rarely have them here. Happy weekend! :)

  6. Great shirt...try putting a cup of vinegar in the water on the first wash of that shirt to set the colour. Cupcake does loads of tie dye so that's what she does...also we do it with black jeans we don't want to fade!! It works well! Love the burlap bag..we paint on everything too!! Love your adorable bird photos too!! Wonderful so busy this week. Glad to see things are looking up for you! Love the idea of that bird her work!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. the tee shirt is so pretty,, beautiful and the recycled rice bag,, I love that idea,, I love it a lot,,
    such beautiful photos of the birds,, its so cold here and we still have snow,,

  8. oh what super projects Carol!! You sure are versatile with your art. I bought a t shirt to paint but haven't attempted it yet. Love how your sack turned out and those quirky birds are delightful! I believe that one bird is a phoebe and I have just found one here recently fro the first time. Fab random thoughts. It's been snowing here all day so I am indoors:(:( Thankfully it isn't sticking! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Good Morning,Carol! Love your Bluebird. Our Bluebirds are busy, we are going to have lots of little Bluebirds! Love the tee shirt. Sorry I haven't made it here but having BIG laptop issues... bah! Have a wonderful Sunday! We have storms coming!

  10. It looks like a junco to me too. They come to my feeder, well on the ground. Sweet little birds. You have been busy making wonderful things. So nice to see and enjoy each piece. Lovely spring to you.

  11. Hi Carol. What a great idea with the rice bag. Great projects. I have some old jeans that I am going to paint. You have me inspired. Great photos and awesome drawings. I like the t-shirt idea as well, it looks awesome. Very nice work. Take care and be well.