Friday, April 1, 2016

Paint Party Friday

Happy April Fools Day! 
May the pranks pulled on you today be only small ones that don't hurt the true you ♥

It's been a long week here...still dealing with the back issues. But we do have a temporary fix finally!!! Got my injection on Wednesday and that whole experience was a nightmare. I've never had issues with the procedure before and only gotten a local with it being uncomfortable during the process but relief was almost instantaneous. 
It didn't go that smoothly this time and the pain increase dramatically... which I understand is really quite normal with relief coming within 24 to 72 hours. Fortunately I did fall into the 24 hour bracket and can finally move without pain. 
Now I have some serious decisions to make about future procedures and whether to continue with the injections which so far have lasted several months or go ahead and have surgery and hope we are done with it all then. 
So much now for my self pity rant and down to the fun part....the art. At least I was able to do art through all of this. The house and yard however have suffered great neglect :( 
The first is a catch up painting from the "COLOUR ME POSITIVE' year long challenge. This was the challenge for week 5 which was in February when I was doing the 29 Faces in February 2016 challenge. I decided not to combine the 2 challenges and just catch later with the "COLOUR ME " challenge. It's a very relaxed Facebook group where you can just jump in whenever you can or want.  We're given a quote and we create something inspired by the quote but it's not mandatory to use the quote in the art. I usually do :) 
This just happens to be one of my favorite quotes ♥

The next one is last weeks challenge ...
When I read the quote I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I've been admiring several artists who have been doing the women with antlers thing and wanted to try one myself. I felt in fit well with the quote..
I have a work in process that is a make up for week 6.
Still not sure exactly where this one will end up but enjoying process. 

 I haven't started on the new challenge we just got last night.
So we'll see where that one takes me :) 
My first tulip of the season opened up yesterday :) 
The "Lady White" daffodils are opening up. These are always a later blooming daffy which bloom when all of the earlier ones are fading. It's been nice having bouquets of daffies in the house the past couple of weeks.   

The Dandelions are in full glory now in the yard and along the edge  and into the driveway. A little yellow happy river :) 
My neighbors think I'm crazy for encouraging their growth :( I do use them for lots if things though and the bees love them. It's all about the bees ya know ♥ 
I'm hoping to be able to get some of the flowers picked to use in my home made soaps this summer. One of my favorite soaps to make. 

Today's Random thoughts...

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to drop over to 
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  1. Hi Carol, sorry you have had problems with your back again, and hope that you will have a long time without pain. Love all the art you have made, and of course, it's always good to see the first flowers blooming. Take care of yourself, Sweetie! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

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  3. It's hard to deal with consistent pain. I do hope that whatever decision you make for your back treatment that it takes away the pain permanently. Lots of wonderful quotes and art. I really love your antler girl! And finally I am seeing daffodils, grape hyacinths, and a few early tulips. And our forsythia bushes are a gorgeous sunny yellow at the moment:) Be well and happy weekend.

  4. Beautiful art and wise quotes.
    Happy PPF ❤

  5. Enjoyed your post, Carol, especially the "be kind" painting. Your yard must be gorgeous. I know you are a gardener - veggies as well as flowers. I hope spring will make up its mind to stay here. This up and down weather is bonkers.

  6. Back pain is always such issue to deal with. I hope you get it sorted out. And lots of fun art pieces today. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh I am so sorry about the takes sooo much energy to deal with. Barely anything left for functioning! I do hope you get some resolve soon...drink lots of water too...Beautiful heartfelt artwork... love the saying and the illustration...and your quotes are wonderful way to end the week! Great post Carol!

  8. Back pain is some rough pain. I am sorry you are going through so much with your back. Decisions about medical stuff is always hard. Hoping you are getting some relief now. I enjoyed your art and your flowers. We couldn't get anything done in the yard last spring because of CH's surgery so I know how frustrated you are. Love the "Be Kind" painting and quote!

  9. Lovely paintings. Wish I could grow all those daffodils.

  10. I am so sorry you are having back problems. My DH is going through the same thing. Surgery is out of the question for him, but thank goodness for the injections. I will keep you in my prayers and send healing energy.