Thursday, June 23, 2016


Sp happy that it's time for 
Paint Party Friday 
Thanks to Eva and Kristin for all the work the do to keep us going :) 
I actually have a piece of new art for this week. 
I signed up for a new class at  Jeanne Oliver Designs with Kate Thompson. It's called 
"Children of the Wild" 
and I'm very excited to be doing  it.
Here's a link if you'd like to check it out . 

It's a self paced class and you have life time 

access to the material. 

Here is my first practice piece and when they

say mixed media they really mean it. 

This piece is just several types of paints, and 

pencils . 

This is supposed to  be a  Caracal Cat . Which

is a wild cat from Africa, the Middle East and

India.  This is a photo of one...

Image result for caracal pet 

I don't normally do animals so this is a challenge for me. Trying something out of my comfort zone. 
It's miserably hot and humid outside so yard  work is still getting done in the evening after the sun goes down.  I'm watering like crazy as the rain is still missing us . Just thundering as it passes on by :( 
The turtles have moved to the flowerbeds so they can stay cooler and still wet and the bugs are all there for them too. :) 

I'm keeping myself busy drying and labeling herbs for later use. 
So that's what going on in my world these days :) 
Today's Random Thoughts. 

 Paint Party Friday

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