Tuesday, May 30, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Release of Nine Monarch Butterflies

Having technical issues this morning so this will be a very short post . We had storms yesterday and our internet has been sketchy since. :( 
Last week was a grand week for butterflies with a total of 17 being released. This is the only video I can access this morning but it's the biggest release. 
Here's my drink for the day... coffee of course with one of my art projects for the week.

This is the other piece I was working on, which is almost finished.
Since it has taken forever for this much to get done I will sign off and hope this works. 
We'll try one random thought....
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T Stands for Tuesday !


  1. How wonderful to see those monarchs flying, wow. Well done! That was a great achievement. Lovely art, too, and enjoy your coffee. Hope the storms stay away now. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. awesome! and loving your art too-hugs Kathy

  3. Wow, it was lovely to see the Monarchs being released 😀. How exciting to see them all take flight, I bet you were so pleased. We don't get this butterfly here in the UK and I was amazed by their size, they are much bigger than I thought. I'm loving you art too, the addition of the white outline of flowers and leaves on the Monarch piece is beautiful! Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  4. How wonderful to see those gorgeous butterflies released! Love your vibrant art projects too. Happy T day!

  5. How incredibly impressive. So much better news than last week. I really enjoyed this. You and I must have the same internet provider and modems. Every time it rains, I lose my internet connection and have to reboot at least four or five times for the internet to come back on. So I can totally understand.

    I LOVE the two pieces of art you shared this week. The butterfly looks like it's nearly ready to be framed. It's a beauty. I love that ceramic mug, too. Goes well with my T post from the art fair.

    Thanks for sharing the monarch release, the two beautiful art projects, and of course, your lovely mug filled with coffee for T this Tuesday.

  6. Wow, that was special seeing the butterflies released. I was amazed at the size of them. The last one seemed a little reluctant to fly away at first, it was super to see them flying away
    The art pages you shares were beautiful as well.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Your art is wonderful but best of all for me was not only the Monarchs flying off but hearing the birds in the surrounding trees! Thank You so much for that! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  8. Nice. I'm glad you could access at least 1 video. Seeing those butterflies being released was awesome! hugs-Erika

  9. So wonderful Carol! What a wonderful contribution you are making. Congratulations!!! Such beautiful artwork Carol. You are an inspiration to me to put paint to canvas. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  10. OhMyGosh, the video was so much fun to watch. They were beautiful, Carol! I think some of them didn't want to leave you! Your butterfly art is very special with the release of your Monarchs... very pretty! Good Morning!

  11. I was glued! How marvelous to see them experience freedom for the first time. Lovely art, too. :)

  12. Great video, Carol. Though some of them hesitated longer to take the "leap of faith" it's incredible that they can simply fly away. Unlike humans that can't even stand for the first year.

    Both paintings are beautiful. I marvel at how you can get the subject to stand out against such colorful backgrounds. I Love your backgrounds!

    Hope your internet improves soon.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. The Butterfly release video is so cool... and your Butterfly art piece is stunning! Love the combination of the background contrasting with the butterfly!

  14. Great video of the butterfly release. It was interesting to see one of the last ones to fly was helping a fellow butterfly get off the ground

  15. Forgot to say that your butterfly art is gorgeous.

  16. Thanks for the link to this success story! Such a joy to see :) I loved the video. Congratulations!

    We had a bad storm through Memphis, too, and were without power for a few days. Some people are still without power. I'm painfully dependent on electricity lol I need more battery-powered lights so I can read into the night.