Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Sketches

After all of the Angels that sometimes turned into dancers...I had to do a dancer straight out...and she had to look young....

Color requirements where..Pink and lavender and a little bit of blue.... 

I hope she looks young enough and I think I have the colors right.....

Have I mentioned before that I really don't like commission work :0(  I'm honored that someone likes my work enough to ask me to paint something just for them....but I always feel extra pressured to do what they want and not just paint what I'm feeling at the time. Hopefully I've painted what they imagined or at least close enough to make them happy.
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  1. Very, very beautiful. I love purple and ballet. Very nice job. :)

  2. Lovely work, but I know what you mean about commissions! Valerie

  3. She is lovely.

    Maybe just make one in every color and then you can just show what you already have in your portfolio...

  4. Oh, I sure know what you mean about not liking to live up to someone's dreams and hopes of your works. But I think you did a great job.

    All joys,


  5. Love the colors, very beautiful. Wow! Really very nice. I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and New Year. Enjoy and take care.

  6. Carol, your dancer is so gorgeous! Of course she will be just perfect for the person who commissioned it. The colors are wonderful.

  7. Beautiful dancing Angel piece!!! LOVE her :0)

  8. Lovely piece! I have never done a commissioned piece but I would imagine that it could be stressful since it comes from someone else's vision and not your own. I'm sure that they will be thrilled with your results though!

  9. She's beautiful. Love the colors. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my blog. Look forward to reading your posts next year. :) Happy days to you.