Thursday, September 13, 2012

29 Faces in September Face 9

While getting ready for bed last night  I had a Light Bulb moment :0) 
I had recently splashed bleach on one of my favorite work shirts and had kept it to some day paint something on it.
Cotton Candy Girls to the rescue!!!!!!!!
They are perfect for painting on a I dashed back into the  ART & GUN room...
(hubs and I share a spare bedroom for our hobbies) and drew her out on the shirt. I then gave her a coat of primer and at that point forced myself to go to bed. It was way after midnight. 
I jumped out of bed bright and early this morning and finished her up. Now I'm hoping she dries enough to wear to work today.... just like a kid...can't wait to wear something new...even when it's something old :0) 
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  1. wow Carol it looks brilliant. Did you use fabric paints to do this masterpiece? Annette x

  2. Fantastic idea carol, you may have hit on something here!

  3. wow, such a wonderful idea Carol! It looks wonderful.

  4. OMG! Wow! That looks fantastic! :))

  5. Wow Carol! Aren't you a busy bee! And all that late at night and early in the morning! Your shirt looks absolutely wonderful. You really discovered the cotton candy girls!

  6. Well, that is a great idea!! Your shirt is so cute!