Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye to 29 Faces :0(

It's been an absolutely crazy week here! It started with the crazy apple harvest and 3 days of cleaning and  cooking apples into applesauce and pie filling.
Work got all weird and my schedule got completely changed and not in a good way at all. I started feeling really tired and stressed out and had to make some decisions about letting some things go for awhile at least until I get myself built back up a bit. 
So I won't be trying to complete the 29 Faces in September challenge and I won't be pushing myself to get an unreasonable number of crocheted hats done by the end of Oct. It was very hard for me to let go of these things because I love doing them so much. I just don't have the strength and energy to do it all right now.
So here is probably my last entry for 29 Faces in Sept. I will be checking out everyone else's faces so I'm not going away :0) 
She's a work in progress :0) 


  1. I think it is a wise decision - too much is too much! Lovely face! Valerie

  2. Another "shirt-lady"! Love her! Sorry to hear you're not completing the challenge, but I totally understand. When life's hectic, the last thing you need is the feeling you "have to" produce art. Art should stay fun and be relaxing, and sometimes life just doesn't allow that. Hope things will settle down for you soon!

  3. Splendid creation ~ design, composition and colors! Wow! ~ Glad you are 'taking care of you' ~ You are wise ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    ps ~ thanks for 'coming by' ~ ^_^

  4. Theres no rush. I agree with the other comments. Its horrible when you feel under stress and creativity needs room to breathe. Its good to know when to step back. I will continue to follow you and look forward to seeing some more of your work when things are not so hectic.

  5. She looks perfect for the season, makes me think of Halloween!

    Good decision to let some things go for awhile, when you are stressed.

  6. I love all your faces for the challenge. Some very dreamy indiviuals. If I'm allowed a favourite, its the Soul Sisters. They're gorgeous.

  7. That's sad. :( Hope you get to finish it. Purple head here looks amazing. :)

  8. Carol, I am feeling that way too. I need to weed out some of the things on my plate because my plate is really small now thanks to Fibro. I hate not being able to do ALL the things I love. You are very wise to recognize that you are over loaded and need to cut a few things out. It sounds like you are busy. Thanks for the reminder to slow down. I hope you are feeling rested soon.