Tuesday, September 11, 2012

29 Faces in September - Faces 5 and 6

While Straightening up my art desk this morning I found a note to myself..."Do Natasha's Cotton Candy Girls classes!" Another online class I signed up for..paid for and downloaded all of the info...and then proceeded to get busy with summer stuff and totally forgot about it. Well I did do the first class... but heck if I can find it! Probably went home with one of the Grand-kiddos :0)
So today I did the next two girls ... Natasha May these are just totally adorable and I'm so glad I found my note :0) 

Both of these are painted on 6 x 6 x 1 inch square piece of oak wood. More free scrap lumber ;0) 

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  1. I'm glade you found your note, too. :) They are adorable! I love the wood grain showing through.

  2. I over extend myself with online classes all the time! I am constantly finding myself so behind - your post reminded me that I had signed up for 21 Secrets, and haven't looked beyond 2 videos. Love your version of a Natasha girl! Visiting from 29 Faces!

  3. I love them! Good that you kept a note. I should do that too. Well, actually, I do, but then I keep postponing it anyway ....