Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Art Every Day Month----THE AFTERMATH !

My art desk.....
It's in desperate need of some TLC and probably a large waste basket :( Going to start on that as soon as I get back from the post office and grocery store.
 Thanks to some of my co-workers I will be mailing out 32 cards to the "Holiday for Heroes" program today. I work with some pretty amazing people ♥
I'm trying to keep up with daily art...but working on larger canvas right now so nothing completely daily. 
Trying my hand at intuitive painting on a larger scale than I've done before and then will go with a really big one and just have some fun. Here's what I'm working on now...

Kind of feeling a little congested today so I made up batch of my favorite herbal tea bags to get my through the next couple of days. Along with some immune boosting tinctures and sinus rinses I'm hoping to nip it in the bud .

Already miss all of you folks from AEDM ...can't wait til we all do some other challenge together:) 


  1. You should have joined us for T today. It's a PERFECT T Tuesday post.

    I only had a chance to make three cards, which makes me feel rather bad, after all you have ready to go. But, I have at least another day and I have the backgrounds finished and stamped for more of them. I'm making the same kind I'm sending to friends, so I'll show them in a few days. But for now, I think maybe I'll get six made before I mail them Thursday. In fact, I might go through my store bought cards and send some that don't have envelopes. Never thought of that. Have a lovely evening, dear.

  2. Good Morning Carol! That is a BIG canvas!!! CH just got over a cold, only lasted about 4 days and he wasn't miserable. Hopefully you will stop yours "cold"! Keep your fingers crossed for no ice!!!

  3. Your paintings look great, and you have been really busy lately, you will make a lot of people happy with your cards! Hope you soon feel better, Valerie

  4. It's amazing that you're sending out those cards. :) And I love the paint mess.

  5. hahaha, so recognizable that art desk :-)) Mine still looks that way .... Love the start of your new paintings!